Dropshippers and a-z claims


Yes it does which is why if I have any doubts I purchase signed for delivery on Amazon


How do you make the judgement? Are there any other indicators other than if the names don’t match up?


Hard to explain. Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling but if it’s a buyers’ first purchase from me and the buyer and seller name doesn’t match then it goes signed for. If it’s a first time purchase from me and the names do match depending on the price of the item I’ll probably send it signed for.

If a buyer has purchase history with me IE no refunds then I’ll send regular post.


Another scoundrel to add to the list.
I’ve had a message from GREEN today for a book ordered at the beginning of November, to a an apparent 3rd party customer. The message in characteristic drop-shipper style is super brief. As this packet had 2D tracking which shows as delivered I have replied appropriately


as devastating as this for honest sellers, the only thing this topic can provide is a “club” of all sellers getting scammed.
Amazon Do not care, ( lets be honest they have no real reason to)
Action Fraud, certainly do not care, not enough resources, but will take the complaint for statistics, all to be discussed in house of commons for next round of investment in the police force etc.
The Police, probably do care, but cannot do anything, not enough resources and even if they did, they would probably prioritise “real” burglaries as opposed to a INR book claim.

The most any seller can do is simply to write a “letter” which will result in the scammer temporarily backing off for a week or two, and then back to square one .

All sellers who are been scammed are on a lose - lose situation, send order, and refund or cancel order and get a negative. you just have to weigh up which is worth it.

To make matters worse, and by no way am i taking any pleasure in this, the scamming will get worse and worse especially as we head into 2020 and further.

You MUST remember, sellers measure their time by money earned, so X hours for X wage, scammers do not need to do this, they simply work in “bulk” basically a gamble opportunity.

Scammers are also extremely resourceful, very good at playing the system ( tried and tested methods) and also keen to share info with other scammers, so the carousel of scammers will never end.

But at the end of all this, regardless of if a seller loses money, or refunds and gets a negative, Amazon will always win, repeat customers if what drives share prices, brings in investments.

Scammers harm innocent sellers, not these huge corporations.

My heart goes out to all honest sellers who lose out to these low life.

But just like the benefits system, if you are encouraged to do something, for minimum effort, off someone elses back and still have a great lifestyle, then its very easy to jump on the immoral band wagon

**** please note, the reference to benefit system is for the people who scam it, not the ones in genuine need of it ****


just had another order from NOR - but a different buyer account again


How can you be sure it’s NOR


Share the name IN BOLD CAPS, it’s a small but worthwhile part of the fight back :smiley:


buyer name - NOR - no phone number

The book ordered is one I previously merged and low and behold PI STORE (nors seller account) is the cheapest available with my copy next cheapest.

addressee a lady in Bristol.

Not sending as I know damn well he will a-z me on this as he is paying more than he is getting after fees.

His delivery times are nearly 4 weeks so I expect I will hear from him in about a month or so asking for the refund which of course I will do.


Lots of honest sellers here are now constantly having to think of ways to outwit the dropship scammers - that is a real and unfair imposition on those of us who just want to sell stuff by following the rules and investing in real stock.

Depressingly, we will keep getting orders from these types as long as Amazon allows them to go on vandalising the catalogue by duplicating and displacing genuine ASINs on a massive scale.
I think it’s a very dark stain on the integrity of Amazon as a selling platform and is incompatible with Amazon’s {erstwhile ?} reputation as a safe and transparent place to buy online.


I wondered who they were. They list on my listings and try to be lowest. I shall watch out for him. I have however begun sending all my orders tracked and signed for.

Incidentally I had reason to report a buyer who goes by the name of a well known brand of jeans that begins with L. The buyer name and address matched the shipping address.


I understand your reasoning, but I feel sorry for the lady in Bristol, waiting for a book that will never arrive.


Yes it’s perhaps worth writing to her and explaining the intricacies of drop shipping and suggest that she cancels her order with PI Store on Amazon UK (if indeed that was who/where she purchased it from) and that she reorders. The downside will be that it will be a little more expensive but at least she will get it.

That’s interesting about Nor being PI Stores, what goes around comes around…


I have been following this thread here with interest as I too have been scammed by NOR and a number of others - one of mine just has AMAZON as title - any others with him/her? The emails always come in about 5am if that helps identify. another CUNNAN GIBBS claimed via amazon prime and was immediately granted a £50 order even though full tracking, a third is NATHAN. I have taken advice on here and written snail mail to the last two recipients and have signed confirmation of receipt sent back to me. Amazon have refunded me the amazon prime one today under safe-t but have not yet heard back for the other. This is surely getting out of hand when we’ve paid so much for full tracking? kate


If you are able to download an order report for the relevant period (making sure the billing address option is ticked) you should be able to see the real name and address of the buyers/dropshippers concerned.


thanks pudding. ive just done that and the order I received from “amazon books” is from an address in {Moderator Edit (Jessica): address removed}. however, by downloading this report I now have the phone number for the lady who purchased the book if required


amazon has had 3 a-z’s on my account


this doesnt fill me with much confidence. does he contact you first or just put an a2z in. do we know what his bookstore is called?


before amazon ‘hid’ most of the buyers names he was coming up as ‘amazon customer’ and I had three a-z claims all from different buyer accounts with the same ‘amazon customer’ as the name. on checking all three orders he had bought multiple times all to different names and addresses which indicates a dropshipper.

I have no idea which seller account he uses.


Also the telephone numbers start with 8**************