Dropshippers and a-z claims


I believe a number of these dropshippers have ‘Amazon’ (followed by ‘books’ or ‘orders’) as their buyer name. At least two are based less than a mile apart in the same US town, so quite possibly related. I think at least one of them has been around a long time and is one of the biggest catalogue duplicators/dropshippers.

Even though they are breaking the participation rules on a massive, industrial scale, nothing seems to be done to curb their activities.

Surely it must be possible for Amazon to see when an Amazon seller is buying up thousands of items a week and having them dropshipped via other Amazon sellers (dupes?).
Is it complacency or corruption? Or are these sellers sanctioned from on high?

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know but it’s really frustrating having to deal with these people on a regular basis. It would be different if Amazon gave us protection against them by allowing us to block them, but that’s a no-no. We actually get punished if we cancel their dubious orders.


I add the drop-shipper name MASSEY to the list of shame


oh yes - MASSEY has done me several times.


I know they are not a drop-shipper, but has anyone had any problems with Paper Cavalier recently? I have sold to this book company on many occasions over the past 10yrs, with zero problems. In fact they have been a very good and valued customer of mine, but recently have been receiving an email for nearly every order saying the book has not arrived!? Something is not right, and I am currently investigating but thought I’d ask on the seller forums to see if anyone else is experiencing problems with them. Cheers and Happy New Year all!


An odd thing about Cavalier is that their given address on Amazon orders does not match the postcode on the RM postcode finder - RM says it is SE16 4DU but PC have it as SE16 4DG.
I once emailed one of PC’s regular buyers about this but they (somewhat curtly) dismissed my concerns.

I do wonder if this might be a reason some of their parcels allegedly go astray?


I have no problems with PC sold a lot to them over the last 9 years


Both postcodes are for the same address - dozens of individual units and named businesses at a large business complex


Yes I know (I believe it’s the old Peek Freans factory) but it’s so large that different parts have different postcodes, apparently.
I always use the postcode on the PC orders and so far all have arrived though I have had the odd ‘where’s my stuff’ message.
Interestingly, Noram (Amazon’s defunct buying branch) were also based in the old biscuit factory…


The same happened to me 1 ato z claim from france .Tracking showing as item delivered.Emailes to customer including the reply proved the same.But amazon granted the ato z claim in favour of customer.End result lost my product and postage .Amazon refunded the money from my account .Euro 67.

What can I do about it.Any probability to reclaim.


very odd you say that about paper cav. they said that my book did not arrive. the day later it was on their website for an extortionate price. they never answered any of my emails and put my only a2z claim in against me. not happy with them. check out reviews on google. they do it a lot. they have tried ordering other books since off my but I just cancel the order as undeliverable address


I have not had any problems with PC but most of the time the books they have ordered have been tracked and signed because they are fifty pounds plus the last one was 95 pounds I have sold to them for over 9 years


Had a claim of non-delivery from them this morning for a book bought on Abebooks. Checked the Royal Mail reference number and it was NOT showing as delivered so had to begrudgingly refund.
Sent 2nd class small parcel December 18th.


Thanks for the replies regarding PC. It’s a really strange one because as I said above - in the past they have been very trustworthy. I’m not saying it is PC’s fault so please lets not yet tar them with the same brush as some of the above drop-shippers, but something is seriously wrong for PC to say 7 orders have not arrived. All 7 orders are from various posting dates (earliest is 9th Dec and latest is the 19th Dec). The latest book I have refunded was sent signed-for… but strangely the Royal Mail website have no record of it! So this may not be an issue with PC. My other worry is Royal Mail are losing my parcels, but so far (and fingers crossed) only PC are claiming the parcels are not arriving.


Out of interest did you send it signed-for or tracked? I sent a parcel by Royal Mail signed-for but the tracking system on the Royal Mail website just says “The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference xxxxxxxx. Please try again later”. It’s as if the parcel never existed!


Sent as a standard 2nd class small parcel (not tracked/signed for but with reference number).
Checked the number this morning and Royal Mail says “We will update when the item is delivered” or something similar.


Thanks. Similar delivery-status result to mine then. Worrying, because until I find out what has happened to my parcels I’m a little hesitant to deliver to this address again.


I posted one off to them this morning, BEFORE the non-delivery claim came in.
Off the top of my head I don’t think we’ve had problems with them before, just one other claim that when checked, also showed as not delivered. ( and we’ve sold quite a lot of books to them over the years)


They are in the process of trying to do me - I have a pending a-z, but I have quite a bit of proof including emails from the end buyer who also happens to be an Amazon seller. I will let you know the outcome but intend to fight this all the way.


What you should have done is contacted the depot for PC you can find it on the Royal Mail web site and asked them to confirm if it had been delivered and at what time. The internal web site at RM is different to the customer facing one and shows details of all scanned items that includes the 2d items which is how they can state that an item has been delivered and shut down any claim. RM don’t provide info concerning the 2d items unless you are paying for their services.


Seconded; I’ve been trying to deal with my bank via signed for mail, and they constantly denied receiving my letters. The RM website only ever showed “we will update when we attempt delivery”. Finally phoned RM and was given delivery details and an apology because “some depots don’t always get signatures from large companies if there are a lot of items”. Which is both disappointing because it is failing to provide a paid for service (they sent me stamps to apologise) and distressing when it comes to proof if the larger, previously trustworthy dropshippers are going to make a habit of a to z claims…