Dropshippers and a-z claims


It’s also totally wrong at my depot we would be conduct coded three of those and you are facing a disciplinary hearing with the potential to be sacked.

We have to scan everything and get a signature for all signed for items including international ones. Bear in mind that places like the Co-OP now receive customer parcels and at Christmas this could and did amount to delivering 2 sack fulls.


I don’t doubt what you say, I’m sure it is wrong, but there were 4 letters all sent signed for all apparently undelivered on the website… and yet later the helpline was able to give me times and dates of delivery. I’m also sure there are nods and winks between RM and huge companies…


It is not saying undelivered on the customer faceing web site it is in effect saying that the information is inaccessible.

I had the same a couple of weeks ago and went into work spitting feathers. My manager looked on the internal web site and brought it up for me, saved it and printed it off so I was able to email the Amazon buyer - it showed the depot, the time it was scanned and where it was scanned.

I have no idea why the customer facing RM site doesnt always show confirmation of delivery or who is responsible for its content but my manager was suprised that the two sites weren’t synchronised


Speaking of dropshipping clone merchants, here’s a seller I keep coming across, spamming CDs and DVDs with bogus dupes.

Example (one of millions, it seems):







The original ASIN is here but doesn’t show up in intial search and is displaced by the clones:


I though that particular duplicator had been banned, but obviously not.
If you go back through their FB, prior to December 20, it’s pretty much wall-to-wall negs, which makes me suspicious of their recent slew of positives…


Sorry, I might be losing track here; I’ve been getting a website response of “we’ll have information when we have attempted delivery” on signed for items, yet they have been delivered and the non-customer facing information shows it. That’s obviously different from RM not having any information about a package at all, which I know is also a problem.

Basically trust in RM tracking is becoming problematic…


No not losing track, the data message I saw was clearly different to what you saw but as I said the customer facing web site is very different to the internal site and wasn’t designed to provide detailed tracking information that’s not to excuse why it doesnt show correct information for signed for items.

The internal site was designed to track items and upgraded to cut back on fraud and to support the then new tracked and tracked and signed for items used by both RM and Amazon so that both companies could use gps tracking. It was also designed to support business customers of RM who can access this information through their account managers. The internal web site is also used by front line staff on the collections desks to help them track items if necessary.


2 more ’ wheres my package’ both ordered on the 19th of November and both the same title

one from OLIVER and one from JACKSON

the addressees are different to the buyer name so looks like dropshippers trying it on.


Has anyone dealt with a PENNY MORRIS? Seems to be a dropshipper based in Switzerland.

Had an order but not sent yet


Is ‘Oliver’ based in Erlanger? See the website ‘badbuyerlist’.


Where can this be found?


i have no idea how to find where oliver is based - where can I find ‘badbuyerlist’


I googled ‘oliver + (Piers M’s name’) and ‘erlanger’. (being a bit circumspect!!). We had a delivery query quickly followed by an A-Z that I felt was dodgy so did a bit of digging.


I also had a buyer named Nor who claimed they didn’t receive a book when it was actually signed for and shipped by Parcelforce. Then amazon refunded them. I have been fighting with amazon for here months about this as I had proof of delivery. Just opened a new topic about it!!


Not sure if this link to the CMA will work but instead of putting all the evidence on this forum why don’t you submit it to the CMA. I have just been done by Nor Fil only to discover that I am one of many after reading this forum. Amazon should have protected me from this with the weight of all your evidence so that no more sellers fall for it. There could be a whole TV programme in here! So please complain to the CMA, maybe something will get sorted then??


Just had another claim of “Item not received” from PAPER CAVALIER . That now makes a total of 8 orders PC are saying have not arrived - earliest is 9th Dec and this latest is from 19th Dec. I can’t send to, or trust their address any longer. Even sending signed-for is too risky as the order I refunded yesterday was a signed-for package… that wasn’t signed for. Mmmmm


We need to complain about Paper Cavalier. they are obviously scamming people. its not normal for all these packages to go missing. like I said they did it to me and the day later my book that allegedly didn’t arrive was on their store front for an extortionate price. the cheek. I’ve stopped sending them books stating undeliverable address,


The selling account linked to massey is Toffee Apple UK


I’ve never had an issue with Paper Cavalier myself and they buy from us almost every week


As I said above - Paper Cavalier have been fantastic customers in the past. They might occasionally return an item but that’s fair enough - we all accept that. But… in December something has SERIOUSLY gone wrong for 8 (so far) out of approx 30 orders to PC going missing. Without saying too much, the Royal Mail have shown some concern also - especially with the signed items not being received. This might not be PC’s fault, so I want to make clear at this point I am not pointing fingers, but something is definitely wrong, and mail is definitely missing.


I notice a lot of new (and not so new) drophippers/catalogue duplicators suddenly claiming to be based in Switzerland. I’m pretty sure that’s not where they are ‘really’ based.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating - if you want to find the real identity of what looks like a dodgy dropship buyer, download an orders report for the relevant time period and specify ‘billing name & address’. Open it up in excel or a similar spreadsheet and (almost) all will be revealed…

I have to thank Penelope Pitstop for that tip.