Dropshippers are fraudulently claiming refunds - Amazon taking no action


We have repeatedly reported a seemingly increasing number of dropshippers who are claiming refunds for FBA delivered goods. Always multiple delivery addresses in different names to the account holder, (occasionally even with ebay API references in the address!). Amazon Seller Support only ever send us stock replies advising of how to contact Seller Support, we never get any acceptance of fraudulent behaviour or acknowledgement that action is required or will be taken. We’re clearly not alone in this, why won’t Amazon act to stop something which is expressly banned in their policy documents?


if they are FBA and they are getting refunds for orders, it cannot be for non-delivery as that is tracked and amazon should not take the funds from you as you are not responsible for delivery

if they are refunding them, they maybe opening return requests and therefore if they don’t return the items, they will be recharged after 30 days

what reasons are being stated for the refunds ?


Hi, we don’t get given a reason for individual FBA refunds anymore. It used to be stated on the email notification we received, but not any longer. “Voice of the Customer” is no help as that is not related to order numbers. We ask every customer to tell us a reason, we maybe get 1 in 10 replying if we’re lucky. Is there a way to find this info on Seller Central? The FBA Customer Returns page mostly states “Unknown Reason”, so no help at all! If item is not returned, I have no idea where to find any info. Returnless refunds are a goldmine for the less scrupulous “side-hustlers” out there.


they are not returnless , if the buyer does not return the item within the set 30 days, amazon recharge their card and refund you

if they are new dropshippers trying this on, they’ll soon realise its fruitless when they are rebilled

what you will have to watch for, is them returning something different


Somebody needs to tell Amazon customer care that! They refund without requiring return all the time. We’ve tested it!


Go to reports - payments - transaction view and search for transaction type ‘other’
You should see FBA Inventory Reimbursements with order numbers next to them

They are payments back from amazon when the buyer fails to return orders

If you aren’t getting them, the buyers are returning something to amazon which may go back into your inventory depending on your settings


I understand that, what I’m trying to highlight is that this is happening all the time and you are doing nothing to proactively prevent it!! This is nothing short of theft, even if Amazon take the hit, if we can spot it happening on our tiny range of products, it must be easy to see across the whole Amazon range. Why can’t it be stopped at source? If you’re not serious about preventing dropshipping, why have it in your policies?


So if you are being reimbursed what’s the issue ?


I don’t like to see criminal activity being condoned or facilitated. If you’re happy being ripped off that’s fine. I thought the senior management at Amazon may wish to act to prevent this type of activity hence flagging it. But if you’re saying nobody is worried about it there, we’ll leave it at that. Re. Reports>Payments>Transaction View>Other, what are the debit amounts where “Product Details” = “Other” for? Are they returns where goods cannot be returned to stock e.g. product faults, or something else? There is no Order ID shown against those lines.


You do know this isn’t amazon - it’s a sellers forum
I am just another seller

If buyers are initiating returns but not returning anything back, they are recharged, it’s quite simple

Where you are not reimbursed, its because the item has been put back into your inventory for resale

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