Dunstable not accepting UPS deliveries :-(


Just wondered if anyone else was having this problem. All I’ve been told is that our shipment is on hold pending delivery at a later date… Which is, unhelpfully, not even listed.


Its not unusual and it’s not just UPS.
They will eventually get there.


Is it something I should expect to happen on a regular basis then?



It’s more normal than the word NORMAL.

You can expect it to happen all the time.


I have the same problem, ups told me to contact Amazon, as I have a shipment that should have been delivered by now, which I did
they said they can confirm it is on its way, which means tracking is useless ups and Amazon are colluding to keep shipments in limbo


They just refuse the delivery on the day it’s supposed to go in. UPS/Parcelforce/Whoever then attempt to deliver on a second day and so on.
It all depends on how much of a backlog the FBA centre has.

It is very much a regular occurrence, particularly at this time of year as they are getting more and more inundated with stock for Christmas.


would be nice if they just told us that, I understand they get busy but as I have told them it’s stressful not knowing if it’s missing or just delayed, it’s not beyond them I am sure to find a new term for ‘held up’ shipments? I would not mind waiting and SS would get a lot less hassle


This happened to me at Dunstable yesterday for the first time. My stock has been going there for about 6 months and it’s always been processed within a couple of days.


this has happened to me at others but never this one, its always been a fast turnaround I am worried about future shipments now, it is still showing in transit


Welcome to FBA Christmas… already… this is crazy.


only 3 November and already they cannot cope, or it’s done for reasons of their own


Yes, as of this AM it still showing on UPS with this message…

The package is being held for a future delivery date. We’ll attempt to deliver on the date requested.

Not sure how long I should wait before kicking up a stink, well attempting to anyway. It’s been 6 days so far :frowning:


the only comfort to me is I am not the only one, mine is still showing ’ in transit’ and its been like that for over a week
I think the staff are on holiday as nothing is getting done
why can they just explain properly what exactly is going on? i cannot send anything else in while this is going on


also UPS is showing the same message as yours so we are all stuck in a pile somewhere


has anyone had any news of their delayed shipments?


No. My shipment which was collected last Monday is still showing as being with UPS and being held for delivery at a future date.


The UPS website hasn’t updated yet, but the shipment is now showing as being delivered in my Amazon account.


well that’s something, mine is still in transit after 11 days this is a long trip must be going to outer space and back


There seems to be a continuing problem at Dunstable. My shipment which was sent on Monday of last week was delivered on Monday of this week and processed into stock yesterday evening.

However, my shipment sent on Tuesday of this week wasn’t delivered yesterday and is now being held for delivery on an unknown future date.

It’s strange that problems should happen at a Centre which has always been so efficient, in my experience anyway.

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