Duplicate EAN's being used


Hi, we are fairly new to selling on Amazon and are having huge issues regarding our EAN’s. Despite the fact we can prove without a shadow of a doubt the EAN on our product is 100% right other people have used that EAN on Amazon for completely different products and Amazon seem to have no clue how to resolve the situation.

We are sick of raising cases and I’ve had so many tickets (where I’m just told to raise another case). I have thousands of products to upload and currently have 30 live!

This issue has been going on for 4 months now and in our last communication from Amazon we simply got told this issue was ‘too time consuming’, great ay!!

Please someone offer some help and a light at the end of the tunnel!


EANs have been going downhill since GS1 went to a yearly subscription. It wont be long before they are useless. If manufacturers are reusing the or using one for multiple items, then how are retailers going to make sure we charge the correct price at tills or have any stock control, if we rely on EANs? Unfortunately, Amazon have a huge reliance on EANs to maintain their catalogue. That may have to change at some point.


If the EAN is supplied by manufacturer/distributor then possible the EAN is correct for both them and you.
Some suppliers use a single EAN for an entire range. Some reuse EANs every so often.

You might find it a lot quicker to create a new listing with new EAN rather than try and get an item changed every time. Particularly if both you and other sellers can prove the EAN is correct and the listing bounces between the two products.


Imagine how bad the Amazon listings will become if sellers don’t have to use EANs to list!


I think it might depend where you buy your barcodes from.

When I started selling on Amazon I bought from a reputable company and the barcodes were a little pricey. I then discovered you could buy them from other companies for a fraction of the price.

The first company I used, every single barcode was fine. The cheaper one… about 3/4 of the way through had issues as a big chunk of those barcodes were being used by a company selling blinds.

I nearly contacted this company to let them know we had the same barcodes as them (in case they ran into the same problem as us when listing and thought we had stolen their codes).

But as I paid next to nothing for the barcodes, I thought that 3/4 that worked was still worth it and I bought more from another cheap seller.

It’s only really a problem if you’ve already used the barcodes elsewhere (say if you’re a UK distributor) otherwise, surely you can just buy more cheap ones.

We don’t use the barcodes anywhere other than to list on Amazon, so for us it’s not a huge concern (although it was frustrating finding which of the barcodes we had worked and which had also been sold on to the blind company).

Anyway, that’s just my experience. I thought I’d share it in case it’s of any use to you.

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