EAN code does not match product


I signed up with a subscription to GS1 yesterday and have created my first EAN numbers. However, when attempting to Add a product I get the message ‘You are using EANs that do not match the product you are trying to list’. ‘Please fix the items in red’ But nothing is marked in red on any tab and these are genuine numbers.
Advice gratefully received.
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Hi Chris,

I’ve been experiencing the same issue with my GS1 codes. Did you find a resolution to your problem as I’m still search for one!?



Hi you will not be able to use them unless your a registered brand with Amazon in the brand registry.
They need to verify the compliance it’s to try to stop the likes of people who buy cheap copy stuff from Alibaba and just listing them on amazon.

Hope that helps


Thanks Peter, that is useful information. I am buying goods from Alibaba but they are not copies of anything. Just generic products that are already for sale on Amazon but I can’t list them under the EAN codes already used. When I tried to do that Amazon accepted the listings but decided the goods were being shipped from China. So I decided to try and list them as new items with EAN codes that were bought from GS1. What I really need to know is how to sell generic goods that are not copies of anything, just goods without a brand, on Amazon. If there is anything you can advise it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe the answer is to register as a brand with Amazon and then put stickers on all my generic goods. Seems a bit silly but I just need something that works.


Hi Emily, I am still in the process of trying to work this out. Happy to share what I learn with you. Kind regards, Chris


Sounds like we are in the same boat! I have unbranded stock and unable to list them using my GS1 codes. I’ve contacted Amazon and GS1 and neither have been able to help me. It’s so frustrating!


Hi Emily, I am going to try and get stuck into this again this weekend. I’m not sure how Amazon facilitate direct message sending between amazon sellers but please feel free to email me at blackhawk.design.ltd@gmail.com
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Hi, you may face suspension with the way your going ahead using existing listing…
So what happens on here a lot of people buy from Alibaba etc. put their own stamp on it with their company brand and register it under the brand registry which then prevents you from selling it as you will not have approval from the brand owner.
The other issue is if it falls under a restricted category such as toys or Tropicals and if your a brand new seller to amazon I think you may find getting approval difficult as you dont have no sales history and the Alibaba invoices are not accepted as its marketplace.
There is nothing listed on Amazon which does not have a brand the issue is with Alibaba they replicate top selling brands and if your replica a big brand it is likely to become very problematic, if you were to replicate a not so big named brand would be a lot easier but still very grey but can be done if done properly.
I will point out however what ever the items are you guys are purchasing dont expect to make big bucks at least not straight away, the chances of you been able to jump on another listing is slim but again it really depends on the product etc.

My advise would be to do it properly register a trademark then register under the brand registry you already have GS1 - the issue is starting a brand is getting it up thier on the listings you need to advertise the hell out of it or run it at a vary small profit or so it draws even - if you could sell 50 units in a week that would be it you be half way thier on rankings in the pages if you sell 50 per month its likely you would need to run it like that for a couple of month at least in my experience.

One good advertising tool we find useful is the early reviewer its about 50 quid buyers get £3 and they guarantee you 5 reviews so its a canny little starting point.




I am having the exact same problem and had already created another thread. I think, and hope I am right, that it takes a little time for Amazon to receive the codes from GS1 so that that can verify them

I am told by GS1 that it could take at least 48hrs


Hi Kevanden, That’s true but the issues discussed here are beyond those initial 48hrs.


Yes my fault, I hadn’t scrolled up before I posted.


Thanks Pete, that’s really helpful. I will get on with registering a trademark and then apply for brand registry. Am I correct in thinking that the products I’m selling will need to bare that trademark on the packaging? I am thinking I will simply do that with some stickers. Thanks for the advice on the advertising tool.


Hi as far as I am aware there is no other way round it, trademark usually take around 7 weeks.

Amazon state they must have it printed on the packaging were possible, some things we sell have no trademark showing but label on small plastic bags, others we tend to use those secure labels I can’t recall what they are called have a look on a very labels the silver strong ones we use them and another waterproof one but we buy labels unbranded and print our self to save cost.

Long run it’s really worth doing it properly if your planning on making a business from it.

We started of very small with around 500 in stock from wholesale and it took around 12-18 month before we could really see the benifits of it and we’re able to start taking a salary from it then we added more lines and our own and so on. So it really is worth doing right and it will pay off in the long run.


An Uodate from me.

After two days of trying, I have just this minute been able to create my listing with three variations, with EAN codes purchased via GS1.

Briefly, all I have done is kept playing around with the Brand tab until it accepted them. My tab now has N/A within it as my products are generic and wholesale.

My view, is that what Peter says is solid advice in that the best way to do it is having it registered as a brand BUT, you do not have to. You can list them quite ethically without doing so. Happy to help further if any questions.


Congrats Kevanden! So I take it you put N/A for Main Brand on GS1? I tried that but on the Amazon Listing page for ‘Vital Info’ where I am forced to add a brand name, if I put N/A in it is not accepted (red line around the box) Did you put your brand name in this box?


If I put my brandname in to the box I get an error.


The problem your going to have is if someone else wants to sell the item if your using your own EAN.
So say for example I want to sell them and realise your not using manufacturer barcode or amazon ASIN - I could then contact support file a report for you selling counterfeit products showing I bought the item from the wholesalers as you and this would then have your listing removed and possibly account suspended because its not authentic its your EAN against another product.

If its popular seeing item and someone thinks they can make money from it they will stitch you mind so I would be cautious.


The error is due to it not recognising the brand from the brand registry usually the EAN on the GS1 database needs to match the Amazon brand to allow you to list using your own EANs


I do understand where Peter is coming from. But, Amazon’s advice themselves that you have two options. Apply for exemption (and go all through the rigmarole that comes with that) or Apply to get new EANs from GS1,
I have permission from the manufacture to apply new barcodes to the products as my manufacture applies the same EAN to each (therefore I cannot list the variations without separate EAN’s.
As for another seller wishing to sell them, the would simply use my EAN/ASIN if they believe they have exactly the same product. I cant complain because I haven’t registered a brand

Something cant be challenged as unauthentic unless it is branded.


As for your actual question. I cant be exact as to how I got from A to B. What I think I did was put a brand name in (I put my name) go to the offer page and fill everything else in then go back and put N/A in the brand tab.
Now I was doing this regularly, including putting GTIN and EAN in the ID tab, then suddenly today it has accepted it…cant tell you why, it just did