EAN code does not match product


I put N/A on the GS1 database. But in any case, when I spoke with GS1 the other day, they told me that Amazon dont take any notice of anything but the fact as t whether the EAN is registered to you


Hi one thing to bare in mind is you can’t legally apply a own branded Ean to a already branded product. I know it sounds stupid but this would be classed as a modification and none authentic.

I can’t understand why the manufacturer would have agreed this if I’m honest unless they have not fully understood the request.

The reason no one would want to sell using your EAN is because of above and say if you did not renew your GS1 annual subscription or brand went u der etc. It would deface the value of the product.

You can’t amend any product the EAN adding is meant for own brand mostly the UPC excemption is should just be a series of questions and straight forward.

If you don’t do things right from the beginning it is likely to come back and bite you on here as soon as Amazon notice if its a breach or another competitor spots a error and reports you so they can sell more.


Peter, can I ask what you yourself mean by branded


If something is branded with a trademark…then I agree with Peter. What we are selling is NOT BRANDED with a Trademark registered…so it cannot be counterfit


So say if you were creating your own brand named JTP for example then this would need to be on the GS1 registered for your x amount of EANS
Dont quote me on this but I think you can put N/A and amend it later.

But say you bought an item already branded say “dogytreats” you would not be able to add your EAN only that of that brand already registered, the way round to cover yourself would be via UPC excemption.

There is so much compliance on amazon and its so easy to get suspended so it’s worth been cautious and doing things right in my opinion.


So the likes of the above Kong is a registered brand etc. So you could not add EAN etc. The item would have to be generic unbranded of any kind to add a N/A GS1


But Peter…thats not what we are talking about here. What I/We are selling are not branded goods so they cannot be counterfeit

“Counterfeit consumer goods are goods, often of inferior quality, made or sold under another’s brand name without the brand owner’s authorization”.
Taken from Google - citizens advice


Yes, Kong is a registered brand with Trademark…our goods are not


Hi Amazon rules are thier own so would only go by what they say mind.
Without the product I could not give you my full opinion on is it generic or not what I will say though is the item comes labeled up with a name it’s not generic, if the EAN on the existing product is on amazon its a registered brand so be careful.

My advice is just that advise only but you see so many new sellers come on here and get suspended through simple errors.


Ok. I think you are trying to be helpful Peter but you are really confusing the situation.

Not everything on Amazon is branded (and by that I mean registered with a trademark). For instance the chines sellers don’t brand all their products.

What we are selling, are not branded so we can sell as generic and apply our own EAN.s I know my product is not branded because I have spoken with the manufacture, like I said in my own thread on this.

Blackhawk-design…You will need to come to your own conlusions having read Peters thoughts. Good luck with it…keep messing about with the listing and I hope you get there in the end. If you don’t, raise a case with Amazon to see if they can help you


@kecanden what you find a lot with the Chinese sellers is they are registered under the trading name and totally with you there will be plenty of dodgy listings ut they do get closed over time.
Easiest way to see if its registered is if it has a a fixed EAN on it search it if it comes up blank and product has no brand name on the packing it may then be unbranded. If however EAN or name is on there its likely to be registered.


Ok. So my product has a label (with a name/log on it and the EAN). I have spoken directly with the manufacturer. It is not registered as a brand, it is simply a label (I suppose private label) that they have applied and then sell it themselves wholesale. GS1 and myself have also searched the gov website the, name on the label is not registered as a trademark. The manufacture is happy for me to reapply EAN’s for the differing colour variations…whats your thoughts on that.

And I am very mindful that we have totally taken over someones thread here


Anyone else out there, that may be able to help clarify the situation???


Really interesting discussion guys. From reading it through I think both of you are making slightly different points both of which I think are correct. We are all discussing using valid GS1 codes. Kevanden is saying that generic unbranded goods which are not a copy of any other brand, can be legitimately sold on Amazon. I don’t think it’s completely clear to me how he negotiated the adding’ of a listing yet. I have so far not managed that.

Peter on the hand (I think) is saying that sellers of the same generic goods are better off creating their own brands and registering that brand with amazon, thereby connecting a their own unique ASIN with their own unique EAN. Doing this avoids what appear to be a number of problems around mis-representation of what is being sold and who it comes from. I am going to pursue brand registry but in the short term will try to replicate what Kevanden
has managed to do. The more we discuss this the clearer the issues will become.


Hi, like I said without seeing the product it is difficult to offer advise but like I said if you search and it comes up on amazon or GS1 it’s already registered and you can’t add your own verations just as if the label on product said dogo Ltd you could not then list it as your own.

Below should help




The thing to rember with Amazon is they are strict and other competitors will stcmitch you if they see an error so you need to be so careful guys.
We have been selling here for some time wholesale and own brand and have had a couple of warnings in the past it’s so easy to make a genuine mistake but with infringement it is really risky.

Say a competitors friend buys one of your products which has not followed the correct listing process returns it as counterfeit likely hood is account would be suspended.

You really do have to do your homework.


Sorry, went away to get a cup of coffee and ended up drinking a bottle of Vodka…LOL

Look, I think Peter and I are actually on the same page to a large degree. Theres no way I would consider adding new EAN’s to a product such as Kong. In fact prior to setting up my account I nearly bought some Kong products from a distributor and clarified that Kong would allow me to sell on Amazon. It turned out they would, but I decided against it for now.

The issue of the discussion (that Peter and I have gatecrashed) is whether the product I am trying to list falls into the category of branded and whether applying new EAN’s to it would cause me any problems. I am as confident as I can be, that it wouldn’t, for all the reasons I have stated above.
Going forward, I intend to set up my own brand, have always had that intention, because i see it as the best way to protect any products that I sell.
But right now, I am learning the ropes and testing everything, if you like with a few products
I have read the links provided by Peter, so for instance

( How are duplicates created?
Duplicates are most commonly created when one or more of the following happens:

  • You incorrectly use the UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN or JAN not belonging to the product (such as from another product) to identify the product that you are selling.
  • You introduce distinct UPCs, EANs, ISBNs or JANs for identical products. For example:
    • You assign a product a new UPC or EAN in each Amazon marketplace where you sell the product.pes on Amazon and if you like, testing things with a couple of products.

My adding my own EAN’s, I am not duplicating the listings. the colour variations have no separate EAN’s, so I am applying them, with the permission of the manufacturer and on written advice from Amazon

It has been a helpful discussion, so lets see how things progress


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