EAN code does not match product


Hi Barry
If you go to add a GS1 now though with a brand not already registered so for example say I go buy some more from GS1 using brand “ABB” if I was to go to list it amazon will prevent it saying it needs to be registered under brand registry?

As one of the above comments mentioned earlier they managed to add it as brand N/A as a generic and not as a brand.

If what your saying is accurate please share the supporting Web link from amazon.



I’ve just tried it. Still works fine without a registered trademark or it being registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry :slight_smile: Just a GS1 barcode needed


What are you entering as the brand then


My company’s brand that only has default copyright protection and is not a registered trademark so cannot be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry :slight_smile:

It would make long-term commercial sense for it to be a registered trademark though. Something to look into before the end of the year.


So, when i was trying for days to list my product (not brand registered on Amazon) with the newly acquired GS1’s, it wouldn’t let me, no matter what I put in the brand tab.
Then, yesterday I was playing around with it again, so much that I cant be completely sure how I got from A to B, and suddenly it was list correctly with the variations.
I am pretty sure, that I put a ‘brand’ name in the box (the name on the logo - which is NOT brand registered) and it was accepted. Then I have edited it and put N/A

So, I am confident Barry is correct, otherwise I would not have been able to do it. I was getting error as well saying it could not match it to a product, and needs to be registered, and other messages. Playing about with it and the the computer says ‘yes’ is what is needed


I see your dilemma now, particularly that you have to add labels anyway. But once you add the labels, with your logo, you should be able to list them without waiting months for your brand to be registered. Because I don’t think you can apply to Amazon brand registry without the registered trademark, which is what takes the time. You probably know this anyway, but thought it would help to say things outloud


Thanks for confirming. I wasn’t sure how I achieved it at first but I think (still not 100% sure):

  • Amazon Manufacturer = GS1 barcode owner (See ownership in a GS1 search)
  • Amazon Brand = GS1 barcode information - brand
  • Amazon Product Title = GS1 barcode information - title


I’m not completely sure about anything now!!!.

*I believe a period of time needs to pass (i.e 72hrs) after obtaining GS1 barcodes and using them to list a product. This is what GS1 have told me as well because they send their information to Amazon every 24 hours and Amazon need a chance to process it through their systems and recognise your new GS1 barcodes. This would make sence

  • I think a bit of it also, is to keep trying by entering difference nominations until the computer says “yes”
    What Barry says about making sure all the information tallys with GS1 is what you think would be the way it should be…but…we are dealing with computers at the end of the day so who knows.