EBC/A+ Content for handmade


anyone successfully managed to add A+ content to handmade asin (rhetorical question as I have seen a fair few sellers in handmade with A+ content)

I am brand registered as well as, handmade, SS as usual haven’t got a clue.


Hello Maker,

Thank you for reaching out! Would you mind giving me more details about the roadblock you have with A+ content?

I look forward to your response.

Best regards,


Hi Hazel

when I go to A+ content, I can’t link any handmade ASIN

it just states ‘not eligible’ in the add asin section

“You are unable to add content to this ASIN because our system does not recognise this ASIN as part of your brand.”


I’ve just had the report card come through and the report card says I’m not brand registered, I am and have raised this with both brand registry and handmade.

my marketplace listings are showing, and I can create a store, my handmade listings are not connected to my brand, or eligible for a+ content, despite contacting handmade SS several times - brand registry SS sorted market place listings instantly


reviving this, as amazon are sending out their ‘report cards’

telling sellers to add their a+ content

SS have now told me to add a flatfile upload with brand name and GTIN to get my handmade asin linked

well guess what, those are the two bits that handmade don’t require, therefore aren’t on the flatfiles

what a joke. absolutely tearing my hair out now, opening cases daily - surely someone else must be trying to do this in handmade??


this appears to be a handmade wide issue, that they aren’t linking to registered brands correctly - please provide documentation, or a way to contact the correct department to get this actioned.