Effectiveness of the Brand Registry tool


We have recently enrolled into brand registry with a company we are working with.
Their product range already exists on Amazon, and we are working with them closely to improve their presence etc etc.

From our understanding, the brand registry tool should help us to have ‘authorisation’ over the listings and products, but when using the listing editor, as usual, none of the changes go through and we are having to resort to using the live chat to try and push these changes through, although we are verified with the brand on the brand registry.

Anyone ever had similar issues, or is there a more effective way of making this work?



Hi, I feel your pain. We face exactly the same issues on a daily basis. Unless you are with BR from the launch, it’s well nigh impossible to regain control of the listings.

Amazon give priority over ‘retail contributions’ i.e. product they can obtain via vendor. It takes hours of negotiation via seller support / brand registry support (who don’t seem to talk) to gain anything back.

Hundreds of listings with incorrect attributes or poor content which we can’t change as the brand owner. Brand Registry is not the tool it should be or is marketed as at all.


When you try to add a new product not yet on Amazon, do you see that particular brand come up in your choice of brands? Sometimes when you get authorized by a brand as a registered agent, the level of authorization does not come into effect on listings. We have had this a few times and it takes a few back and forth with support because they will refer you to brand registry then to regular listing support and so on until someone who can think will simply raise your authorization level for that particular brand. Once this is done, your changes should go through with no problem.


Brand Registry is pretty much a waste of time in my experience. The support is bot driven, getting anyone to actually read your requests is virtually impossible. Getting the desired outcome is the exception, not the rule. I’m astonished Amazon handle branding so poorly. We have dozens of sellers selling our branded products under fake brand names, Amazon simply do not care.


Frankly, I have the complete opposite of your experience.
Out of all the support options available, brand registry has got to be the best.
They tend not to be bot driven, or at least nowhere near as much as standard support.

And it’s easy to get sellers kicked off listings. If your struggling to do so, then you are going about it in the wrong way.


They aren’t listing on the ops listings, the other sellers have acquired their stock - possibly through the manufacturer ?! and have created their own branded listings


Just had a look through that. Quite honestly, it doesn’t really appear to be a brand registry issue as such, but more of an issue with the manufacturer (or wherever the items are coming from).
Which would explain why they are not getting anywhere with BR.


We have products branded by the manufacturer. Other sellers are selling the same products under a different brand name, creating a duplicate ASIN. This should be a simple one for BR but seemingly not.


Ok, so does the packaging actually have your brand on it?
If so, have you made a test purchase and then reported it?


@NEil - the other thread is asking same questions


Hello @OnlineStore222,

Have you found a more effective way?