EFN - European Fulfilment Network Experiences in 2022


Hi all,

Please can you tell me your experience of the FBA European Fulfilment Network from the UK into Germany and France in 2022.

Are your Prime orders being delivered in the alloted/expected time by the customers?

Are there any unexpected issues with European VAT or is Amazon really taking care of everything for you?

Are there any issues with duties or customs or is Amazon dealing with that?

Have you had any negative reviews or feedbacks directly related to the process since Brexit?

Any comments on this greatly appreciated.



I’ve only fairly recently (over the last couple of months) started back with EFN.
To date, I’ve had no issues with it at all. Other than the fact, that for some unknown reason, a lot of my goods are being classified as unable to sell there.

Do be aware, that if your not VAT registered, you could lose out. As Amazon remove the vat portion of the sale from the UK, then add on the EU VAT to the customer.


and don’t forget EPR requirements


Thanks for the responses. Can anyone else share their experiences please? :smiley:


I have an issue in that customer returns are still being put into EU Stock - even though EFN states “Returns sent to source store” - this is a real PITA for me, as I have started deregistered my EU vat (I used to do PAN EU) -

Twice now they have apologised and said they won’t do it again - yesterday another customer return ended up in German FC

They really need to get to grip with allowing customers to return to their own country, but NOT adding this to retailers stock until it is returned back to UK - otherwise people will have to register for VAT in those countries (and I had one reach Poland… we don’t sell in Poland)

All Overseas Storage / Pan EU settings switched off - These returns were items sent from UK stock by Amazon on the EFN programme.

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