EFN to PAN EU. Increase in sales?


We currently sell in Europe, via EFN. We’ve not reached the tax thresholds yet, that justify signing up for PAN EU. I wondered what impact PAN EU has on sales. That is, the customer would have next day delivery. Have sellers found their sales increased due to faster deliver, when they signed up for PAN EU?


There are no thresholds for pan european, so ignore that. Once you register for Pan EU you are liable to register for VAT in all 7 countries Amazon have warehouses.


Hi Donald. Yes, I mean I’ve not gone over the long distance thresholds, whilst selling using EFN. Hence, I’ve not needed to register for VAT in the other EU countries yet.


The issue with EFN is the increased fees from Amazon, which makes the margins very slim, specially if you are not selling products above a certain price (£25 - 30).


PAN EU will not see an increase in sales. It will see an increase in profit due to the lower fulfillment fees.

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