Enjoyable customer interaction



Are you off catching a wolf first to paint and print onto the blanket?


Dear A,

We caught the wolf and made quick work of dispatching it. Unfortunately the item has been held up at the national hub for a number of days.

My sincere apologies and thanks for your patience.

I’l get on the phone and howl till they get it sorted.

Kind Regards,


One of the rare occasions I have dared to be ‘unprofessional’

Good to know customers can have a laugh.


This can be taken multiple ways…
If this customer happens to complain to Amazon they may block the listing for using real fur…

Either way, sometimes you just can’t help but come up with replies that are tailored to the customer’s unique… sense of humor… (or unique tone of sarcasm?)

I’ve seriously considered it multiple times but never actually sent in the end.