Enter a valid tracking number warning


I’ve noticed from today when dispatching orders, despite selecting royal mail and royal mail 2nd class stamps /franking drop downs as default , you click “confirm dispatch” and the tracking field is highlighted with a warning triangle with “enter tracking number” message. We don’t have a tracking number (obviously) so then click confirm dispatch button again and the orders are marked dispatched. Bit annoying.


Several others reported same today


I had this reply from CS today
"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you are having an issue with Valid Tracking Information.

As discussed earlier, if you do not have any tracking information, kindly just please disregard the alert since the Royal Mail 1st or 2nd Class stamps are exempted for VTR."


Until it appears on your VTR as a defect.


Exactly! What CS say and waht happens are two different things.


I chose stamps/franking which I think is new in the drop down box and didn’t get the request for tracking error.

Not sure what will happen!


Is that the Option second from the bottom- just Stamps/Franking- I have just tried that- still getting a Yellow triangle alert.


Not really.

Click the button, up pops the yellow triangle. Click the button again, Shipment Confirmed.

Not worth worrying about and not worth yet another Tracking Number topic…


Thank you for posting this thread. I nearly had a coronary earlier when it happened to me. Fingers crossed we won’t be PENALISED. :frowning:


I beg to differ. The annoyance, apart from the extra click required which in itself is admittedly no huge biggy, is that Amazon are yet again warning that we haven’t entered a tracking number for orders which are exempt. Do you really trust that amazon bot’s aren’t going to register what we know to be now legitimate as an (incorrect) VTR issue? I certainly don’t.


I have spoken to CS 3 times in the past 24 hours- I have had this reply-
Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

"I understand that you are having an issue with Valid Tracking Information.

As discussed earlier, if you do not have any tracking information, kindly just please disregard the alert since the Royal Mail 1st or 2nd Class stamps are exempted for VTR.

For more information please visit: Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/G201817070?referral=A1SSLLKT5GYNGD_A10388R4F2SU58"

And today this reply.
"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for contacting Amazon regarding Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class stamps delivery services. As a reminder, Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class, small, and medium parcel. If you are using a Royal Mail product that does not have a 2D barcode, please ensure you contact your Royal Mail account manager, or contact Royal Mail here

For more details, see Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services

Please let us know how we did."

One CS member telling me to ignore- the other telling me that in order to use stamps I need a 2D barcode. Not sure if that applies to letters.

Totally confused now.
I have put my account on holiday settings for a few days. Dealing with this is too stressful!!


Yes it is contradictory even in that page:

" Which Royal Mail delivery methods are included in Valid Tracking Rate calculations?

We require parcel IDs or tracking IDs for all Royal Mail delivery methods…"

Followed later by:

"Are Royal Mail 1st or 2nd Class stamps considered for Valid Tracking Rate?

Postage stamps are not a tracked service. If you are delivering your shipments using an untracked delivery method, you are not required to provide us with a tracking ID for domestic and cross-border deliveries."

This is why it concerns me. their own documentation contradicts itself so i simply don’t trust anything any more.


judging on the latest announcement along with the email several sellers received, the stamps option should only be used for letters


It is letters that I am sending- but still have the tracking box and warning triangle.
I agree with MM5000 I just don’t trust anything anymore. So many contradictions.


That’s the one I used, didn’t get a warning though. Just keeping my fingers crossed!


Sorry- which option did you use?


Just to confirm for us - we are still manually dispatching all our letter items on Amazon using Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking.

We do not get a yellow warning triangle or a request for the tracking ID field to be completed.

We use Amazon Buy Shipping (linked RM account) for large letters and parcels so couldn’t say if it is the same for those.


we also mark our letters as stamps/franking however, today we have been prompted for that tracking number (not yesterday) so it maybe being rolled out


I’m doing exactly the same as you and sending letters via C&D and then manually marking as dispatched on the Amazon order page. Like you I have not had the warning.

I’m wondering if this is a rollout and we will get this eventually. Other possibility is that as these actually are letters that the system knows this and so does not add a warning. As usual it’s guesswork as Amazon aren’t saying.


Just checked one of mine that flagged today and the measurements on amazon are ‎0.33 x 12.7 x 20.96 cm which is correct for letter size