Enter a valid tracking number warning


In which case it suggests it’s a rollout - so something to look forward to :open_mouth:


Mine only appeared today


I had an email from them on 11 October, which said the following:

“Soon, you will no longer be able to ship confirm your orders if you fail to provide us with a valid tracking ID for seller-fulfilled orders that are delivered with a tracked, or partially tracked delivery service. In case you use the Royal Mail 24®/48® or Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class delivery services, ensure that you provide the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D barcode on the label). If you are using a Royal Mail product that does not have a 2D barcode, please ensure you contact your Royal Mail account manager, or contact Royal Mail here: https://business.help.royalmail.com/app/contact to set up these services. If you are not eligible for Royal Mail 24®/48 and ship only ship letter-sized products (100 g, 24 x 16.5 x 0.5 cm), select Stamps/Franking from the drop-down menu.”

That’s basically a long version of “don’t worry, just click straight through”.


delivery We’ve been choosing the Stamps/Franking at the bottom with no error message coming up :pray:


Just dispatched another one just now on it’s own. Still no warning triangle… yet!


Buy your postage on Amazon, it’s safer


Blue_Eyed_Boy I agree.

Until we have some clarity I will be buying Amazon shipping.


Hi, If you post from the post office counter, you can ask for proof of postage receipt.
Their will be a reference number on the receipt - which when entered onto the Royal mail website , shows if the article has been delivered.


But that doesn’t help towards maintaining a good VTR rate.


Out of interest, do you send standard letters 2nd class via Amazon Buy Postage? I buy large letters and small parcels via this but if I try to purchase standard letter postage via bulk purchase the pdf produced does not show the whole label so it is useless, it does work if purchased individually as the label is in a png format, but that is not feasible for the number I do.
I have been told that it is a known issue and they are working on it.


That’s precisely what they want you to do. :wink:


I don’t purchase standard letters. All mine are either large letters or parcels.

Can you not rotate the letter labels


What do you mean rotate the letter labels?


When you use buy shipping from amazon are you using a recorded service ., or just a standard service


Portrait to landscape format I reckon, like the option in Click & Drop.


I purchase both…


so a standard service is fine for VTR


As a very small time seller who uses stamps/post box for shipping, may I ask when buying shipping from Amazon, do I pay for it using my registered card, or does it come from my rolling reserve first with the card as back up? Many thanks.


For large letter is it so long as you don’t combine orders


You can rotate the labels, however the pdf is only showing part of the label, I have got others to look at it but no-one seems to be able to correct it. As I said i was told by seller support that it is a known issue but was wondering whether someone has managed to do it and I am just receiving poor support as it is strange that they cannot sort it. - this is only affecting 2nd class, purchased via bulk purchase within Amazon and not other postage or if purchased individually as they then use the.png format!