Error message when creating Shipping plan


When creating a shipping plan I receive the following message:
Cannot be stickerless, commingled
The error condition cannot be corrected from here. This product must be removed from this shipment plan. You can send in new inventory by creating a new listing for this product that requires product labels.

These products have already been sent in the past without any problem, does anybody know the reason for this?
Thank you in advance,


Unfortunately, Amazon is now often requiring sellers to use the FNSKU barcodes to track their FBA inventory in particular categories.

It’s because they want to prevent the units from being mixed together and ensure that genuine and safe items are sold on their site, especially a few months before Christmas.

They are making the rules stricter for everyone and the only option is to comply.

You will need to update your barcode preference into Amazon’s barcodes in order to be able to ship this item into FBA.


Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:
The strange thing is that for some of the products this is not required.
So nothing to do about it apart changing to using Amazon barcode, right?


As Kika said :slight_smile: There have been emails in preparation for the last month or two in the toy category. Don’t know about others.

You will have to go to the item in your inventory and “Add another Condition” to create a new item on the same ASIN. This will be Non-Stickerless and you can create a new shipment with this new item


Can you please explain where to “Add another Condition” ?
I cannot find this option in Seller Central.


Do you know if it is possible to change the barcode preference only for a specific product?


On “Manage Inventory” page, click the down arrow next to Edit.


Hi I am also having the same problem with the toy category FBA. However I cannot seem to change the listing individually. They have told me I will need to go into settings, FBA & change over the barcode preferences, but surely this will change my whole FBA inventory, which I do not want to do. Any help appreciated.


No, it only effects SKUs created from the point you change the settings, not any SKUs already set up.


Thanks Conny, thats really useful to know.