Escalating the case


Good Morning, I sent the case directly to the MD and received the response.
“I kindly ask you to contact Seller Support first and escalate to our team in case in t=issue is not resolved.”

Has anybody experience about escalating the case to MD directly from Seller Support case?
How to properly do this?

Have a nice day.


Did you raise a case with Seller Support first. That is all they are asking you to do.

The MD email should only be used if you fail to get any joy with Seller Support. It is a last resort.

If you have already raised a case with Seller Support then you should quote the case number in the email to the MD to make the point you have raised a case already and state the reasons you are not happy with Seller Support resolution.


How did you escalate to MD?


Sent the email to MD ( with the case number.