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We have always used MCF for orders from eBay throughout the EU. Since Amazon Logistics became the carrier for most of those orders, we are having an increasing number of cases where the customer did not receive the product. The tracking information for Amazon Logistics is very vague and for all these missing units and the tracking information always shows as “delivered”. After opening cases to investigate these shipments, Amazon’s team members ask us to contact the carrier (knowing that the carrier is Amazon Logistics). After we remind them that Amazon is the carrier, they immediately reply that they can’t process a refund because the tracking information says the order was delivered.
Anyone else facing these issues?

Thank you.


Yes, we are having exactly this issue! Amazon used to be very good and if a customer said a package wasn’t received, and there was no signature or other proof, they would refund us. They would require that we had evidence from the customer, usually a copy of the email thread, and that we waited 10-14 days, and would then process the refund.

That has changed since they switched to Amazon logistics. We’ve had several complaints from customers not receiving items and the response is always the same, as below. I believe the ‘thorough investigation’ is checking the tracking, we have never had anything back like ‘there’s a note saying it was left next door’.

Interestingly, I had a personal delivery direct from Amazon that I couldn’t find, no card or anything had been left. When I spoke to customer service they told me to check the bbq. I thought it was a standard reply since no courier has ever left a parcel in the bbq, it is round the back of the house, but sure enought, there the parcel was. So obviously the drivers can make notes in the system.

I think this is a change in policy and is making us re-consider whether multi-channel is an option in the future.

"We have investigated the issue thoroughly and found the following:

Carrier name:Amazon Logistics
Tracking Number:QBXXXXXXXXXX
Tracking link:

We reviewed the tracking information and we found that the order was delivered and therefore unable to issue a reimbursement."

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