EU EORI number for Brexit


As far as I’m aware I have not read any of that guidance mind but the eori obtained from is for import and export out of the UK previously due to been part of the EU obviously we had movement which is going to stop.
So for sending to EU etc this should be fine.

I only ever needed to use our eori number for when we had stock coming from India

I have no idea about China to EU as I mentioned above its a strange one and it may just be something a freight forwarder can sort I have no clue to be honest.


Cheers Barry. That would be doable if its around $100 per pallet - not a lot more than I’m paying at the moment.

When your sending pallets to the EU, do you get to choose which country they enter the fulfillment network, or do Amazon assign this when you’re creating the shipment? It’d be a bugger if I was sending a load of stuff in and Amazon wanted to split it to different countries.


I sell mainly oversize stuff so the way that Amazon fees are set, I pay more for fulfillment in the UK because I’m on PAN-EU. Therefore when UK PAN-EU stops next year, my UK fulfillment fees will drop and save me a load of money. If it’s just more expensive to ship to the EU, I don’t mind so long as it doesn’t go over this UK saving as I will still be up overall.


I think you can choose which marketplace you want to send them to, which hopefully limits the countries they’ll ask you to send it to. Obviously DE being part of the same fulfilment area as PL and CZ doesn’t help matters too much!

It might be worth trying to create two test shipments: one to FR marketplace and one to DE marketplace to see what FC allocations you get. It would certainly help me to find out what happens.

Ah, the 89p surcharge?


@Damian1 You did note the date on that pdf and note it referred to the Withdrawal agreement in the event of a no deal brexit in 2019?


I’ll have a go doing this tomorrow and let you know - thanks again.


Yes I did. Have the EU said since that GB EORI numbers will be valid after next year?


The latest update from UK gov. states;

If you already have an EORI

From 1 January 2021 you’ll need an EORI number that starts with GB to move goods to or from the UK.

Check your EORI number. Apply for a new one if yours does not start with GB.


So by extension to move things into the EU you need an EU EORI, because a GB EORI won’t be considered an EU EORI from 1 Jan 2021?


So this means that after next year you will need a GB EORI number to move goods to and from the UK. Previously you could have done this if you had a DE EORI, a FR EORI etc etc but after next year you can’t.

Similarly the EU have said that after next year if you don’t have an EU EORI number, you won’t be able to move good to and from the EU. A GB EORI number will no longer be valid.

What you need to find is something from the European Commission which changes what they said in the pdf I linked to above. I can’t find anything which says they have agreed to let the UK continue using GB EORI numbers after Jan 1st next year. If they did it for us, they’d then have to do it for all third countries due to the WTO’s most favoured nation clause.


Yep. Because the majority of my sales are in the UK, the 89p reduction on my UK fulfillment will negate part of what I’m losing if I can’t find a time/cost effective way of continuing to sell in the EU but its a bit galling, especially after the faff of getting vat registered in all those countries.


Yes, as the exporter, but if moving goods from the UK to an Amazon warehouse in the EU, then you would be the exporter of the goods from the UK, but also the importer within the EU27 so I guess whatever final agreement is reached on a trade agreement, you would still need registered in the Country of arrival, same as VAT requirements?


Yes. You will need a UK EORI and an EU EORI. I can’t see this changing even if we get a trade agreement - hopefully I’m wrong.

So, back to my original question about getting an EU EORI number.

Has anyone found how to do this yet? The only ways seem to be to have a business address within the EU, or to pay a fiscal representative (e.g. I’ve seen someone on here say that his tax advisor said that to do this via Poland is €5000 - I’m not sure if this is a one off, or annual fee).


I’ve just tried to create two fake shipments, one to France and one to Germany. I did a mixture of oversize and standard sized items.

The France ones were ok - they got split into oversize and standard size to two different fulfillment centres, both in France though.

The German ones were split too in the same way - both to fulfillment centres in Poland.

I could send them all to France from the UK depending on the cost per pallet. Only around a quarter of UK hauliers will have a permit to travel to the EU in the event of a no deal Brexit though so if this happens, costs will skyrocket.

UK business doing well in Europe but what happens after December 31st?

Thanks. That’s super super helpful.

Just need to get the EORI in place now!


we applied for our UK EORI number when we applied for our vat a few years back. it is normally a straightforward process and in reality is 000 added behind your vat number :slight_smile:
i would suggest looking at the DE or FR equivalent websites and google would easily translate it in english.
EUR 5000 sound wrong and it would be applied for just once, not annually just like vat number
hope it helps
a quick google search is throwing up multiple german companies that can apply for you


You would most likely have to pay import duties/vat twice - first when imported into the UK and then again when imported in the EU :confounded:



I am UK based with a GB EORI number. I am VAT registered in the 7 EU countries for Amazon Pan-Euro.

I applied for an EU EORI number directly from Belgium last week. The reason being I currently import to there, and because their government website explained the process very easily.

They replied to my email application within 3 days with an EU EORI number which is valid throughout the EU. The email says I should continue to use my GB EORI until the transition period is over. They have also linked my 7 VAT numbers to the BE EORI number.

Website link is here, and is very easy. There was no cost to do this, and no legal representation required.

Hope this helps.




The website link will not show on the forum. Just google ‘Belgium EORI Brexit’ . The page and application is on the first page of results.


Omar, you are a legend. Thank you so much, I will look at this now.