EU Shipments - Recent Problems / Issues URGENT HELP REQUIRED PLEASE


Dear fellow sellers/ Amazon

We are currently facing a huge issue with EU fulfilment
Up until recently, we have been sending all EU shipments from the UK to the DE Amazon warehouse via DHL.

When selecting this option currently the ship to address changes to SXW2 Amazon Sort Facility in the UK. It no longer gives us the option to ship directly to the German warehouse.
We have tried shipping to the provided Amazon facility but shipments have been refused.

Is anyone else experiencing such issues?
Why is the address changing to the UK facility from German?

We have also tried to use the partnered carrier UPS, which the ship to address is correct (German Amazon warehouse)

However, after proceeding we receive an error message
“[Carrier: Amazon-Partnered Carrier ] Amazon-Partnered Carrier is unavailable because the box weights or dimensions for one or more of your shipments are not within the allowable range for Amazon-partnered carriers”

Boxes are within the dimension and weight guidelines, we have even tried to send one box with small dimesons fo 10CM and a weight of 10kg for the box, but still the same error.

The main issue we are facing is that when selecting DHL as a non-partnered carrier the ship to address changes to the SXW2 facility instead of the German warehouse and we cannot work out why?

Anyone having trouble with Avask external customs services promotion?

might be related?


Thank you, we have been using CSS as our exporter, recently used Avask too

Tyring to work out why all of the sudden the shipment ship to the address SXW2 Amazon Sort Facility in the UK instead of the German warehouse and seem to be getting nowhere.

Had 4 different Amazon associates on the phone who did not know/ couldn’t help


The SXW2 sort facility is part of the Amazon Transport solution (ATS).

Once the parcel is shipped there, Amazon ships it on the the EU centre for free.

It sounds like you have opted in or they have migrated you without you knowing.

The items needs to be shipped using DPD or UPS and there customs needs to have been done in advance with AVASK. I suspect one of these was not done which may be why the delivery was rejected.

It is quite a new scheme so it will be a few years before Seller Support even know about it.


Thank you Paul73, this is some great insight

Do you know by any chance how we could opt-out of this scheme if at all possible?
We can certainly try shipping again to the SXW2 facility again via DPD. If we complete the customs data with Avask prior, who do we contact to confirm this was done so that SXW2 accept the shipment do you know?


Or perhaps even the name of the scheme so that we can take a look into it further?



Hi, we have seen your replies on different posts and wondering if you have any knowledge on this matter at all?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:


I had intended to export my goods to France and the rest of Europe, particularly Germany, using the new Avask service called External Customs Services Promotion (as Amazon had discontinued the Fiscalead service which we had been using previously).

We had intended to store items in France and fulfil across Europe from France. The items were booked out to go to a French warehouse (Oise 60452 FR CDG7). Amazon re-routed my stock to UK warehouses instead of France.

Anyone else having trouble with this?


We are about to start doing this exact thing and that would be horrible if that occurs to our shipments as well.

Perhaps there’s a button to disable the ability for Amazon to relocate stock back to the UK?


We’ve sorted it out.

Avask has been brilliant with the support, any issues just speak to Avask.

Thread closed.


We have just signed up to the AVASK & Amazon - UPS promotion but we are having problems with booking the shipment on UPS partnered carrier option. I have opened a case with Amazon and asked Avask but so far still unsure of the process. Are you using this process now and is it working ? any advise would be greatly appreciated on how to actually get a shipment booked (we are wanting to send to france)


Hello @JEAN27,

Can you give more details on the problem you are facing?
It is the same as it was for @Watchnation?



Hi, when I booked an FBA for destination France in the work flow and get to the select shipping carrier I get

UPS (Amazon partnered carrier) is unavailable between the shipping locations.

It does not allow me to book through Partnered carrier even though I have in enabled in settings and accepted T&Cs. I thought with the new AVASK & Amazon - UPS promotion that it was sopposed to allow this ? I do not know how to book the shipment with UPS for this scheme.


update ++ I have just managed to book the shipment so hopefully all will now be OK


Hello @JEAN27

Great news! have you done something in particular?


I changed my account to FR and created a shipment there rather than in UK account and it seemed to do it then. Not sure if that was it or it just happened to be honest !