European feedback transferred to UK listings


So sorry if this is old news or already been dealt with elsewhere. I’ve had a search but I can’t find anything.

I have just noticed that all the feedback from has been transferred across to my UK listings. It’s a problem because we sell loads of stuff to Germany and it’s really tough to get them to leave feedback. Pretty much the only times they do it’s because they have an issue and it’s neutral or negative.

Consequently, I’ve just had a fair proportion of low score feedback plastered over quite a few of my UK listings.

I really just wanted to check to see if it’s a quirk on my account or right across UK sellers?

Thanks very much…



This is nothing new, product page reviews across all marketplaces have been around for a while (AMZ started with transferring .com reviews first, then kept on sharing the rest of other reviews across all 5 (I should say 4 by now, though) EU marketplaces. Don’t worry too much about it, would-be customers will (more probably) look for their marketplace-related reviews first rather than the ones from other marketplaces (this because of possible language barriers). If you have (English) reviews in your UK listings you’ll be fine.