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I wondered if anyone has attempted this little challenge I’m trying to overcome… So I have UK-based FBA stock which I would like to make available on the German and French marketplaces, whilst keeping the product here in the UK. I believe this is called EFN (European Fulfilment Network), differing from Pan-Euro and Multi-Channel as these require the stock to be available domestically overseas, thus incurring VAT obligations.

I have set up the listing on for now and it’s showing up on the .de website – that’s good, however it’s in English. The listing appears to be linked to the UK listing sharing the same product info and keywords – not so good.

Is it possible to set up the listing in German, with German keywords (fairly critical bit that bit) etc so the listing reads in German, and can show as a result when customers use search terms in their language? Whilst of course not affecting the UK one.

Hoping someone has set this up for themselves and could shed a little light.

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If your titles or bullet points weren’t translated automatically, I would advise you to edit and update them yourself.

This will not affect the source marketplace listings.


Thanks Kika. So Basically I think I can set up the DE marketplace listing all in German and this should show up in German and leave the source UK as it is? I’m getting the translation done so I’ll give it a go and see what happens. Just thinking the keywords are important as this will be searched for in German even if the page translates afterwards (which it doesn’t anyway).


Yes, you are correct.

Simply translate each listing into the marketplace’s local language and the other international product pages will remain unaffected.


Hi Eloga C.
There is more to it than that, you need to be aware of the new packaging laws iro Germany and understand that if any (FBA- EFN) returns from German customers stay left / stored in German warehouses they may insist on you being VAT registered. Seller accounts have already been suspended for this.


Hi Anglozone. I had read about packaging laws, I understood them to be effective after the EU fiasco is dealt with. Also, would these packaging laws affect units not stored in Germany? And presumably France doesn’t have the same packaging laws, not that I could see anyway?


Yes, you are correct the packaging laws concerned are not for France.
But the German Packaging law was updated 1st Jan 2019 with a lot of Amazon sellers already registered.


Wow, lots to check out there, thanks for the link. So to confirm, this affects all packaging irrespective of its FBA location… eg UK FBA being delivered to German customers rather than German FBA stock being delivered? My current packaging is unlikely to comply but it’s all kept in the UK, I wasn’t planning to fulfil domestically on the DE marketplace.


As you have listings already on the German marketplace you will have to comply even if your packaging amount I’m sure would be minimal.

See the thread below they are talking about the packaging law in Germany.
If in any doubt best to ask the German authorities directly themselves.

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