Evri/Hermes parcel customer say not delivered to them



I got a case of a customer saying that their parcel has not been delivered and that the picture Evri/Hermes of proof of delivery is not his door.

Parcel booked through Amazon using Evri.

How do I deal with this?




Can you check on Google earth just to see if he is correct ?



I used Google Maps to see his address and on street view his door and the neighbours door do not match the one in the picture.

Their housing have got pebble dashing and the one in the picture is bricks.

So the hermes pic is different to what the customers house looks like.



Hello @The_World_Is_Yours,

In this case it will be Evri the responsible for the cost of your item.

@JillyB1- first of all thank you for your post.



But what’s the actual way to claim on this? When we used Evri via Buy Shipping, it seemed impossible to claim when things went missing & no one comes back to you!

I was then under the impression that the £20 protection wasn’t actually there when you purchased through buy shipping. ’ Declared value

Note: The carrier selected does not offer the insurance selected in your preferences.’


I would look into Evri and Yodel via Parcel2Go. Yodel are cheaper, slightly slower, drop off only.

P2G have tracking all in one place, claims team, live chat team. Integration to Amazon, automatic tracking & dispatching… I put all of our parcels through Yodel from P2G.


So how do I claim on this if I bought the postage through Amazon for Hermes?



This is the answer we are all waiting for!


How long you been waiting?


Since they launched the Prepaid Return Label Policy - so about 18 months


Hi Nickolas Amazon, how do I claim for the lost parcel?



Hello @The_World_Is_Yours,

As per our help page you need to contact Evri via Evri Holly Chatbot to raise a claim for an order that was lost during transit and purchased through Amazon Buy Shipping by Evri.

I saw on other posts related to this situation, that some of the sellers had been asked to contact Amazon. Some of my colleagues they started already to collect examples.
If is happening the same to you please let us know.




Its not lost, but delivered to the wrong house.

Is there any way to find out to which address they delivered too as the customer is willing to pickup if its nearby?




I had a similar problem with Royal Mail recently , they delivered a fully tracked item to a customer , but it wasnt his door ! couldn’t check the door on Google earth as it was a maisonette! his was 208 but they delivered it to 228 with a glass door which was different to his , Luckily RM Business Customer services after my report were able to get the postman involved to get my parcel back from 228 and redeliver to 208!


Sometimes the tracking number on Evri shows the GPS coordinates but if they don’t show then Evri will have them. Phone Evri and explain the issue 0330 808 5456. You will need to use a tracking number beginning with C00HAA as you can’t get past the automated system to speak to someone using an Amazon tracking number.

I had a similar issue in December and Evri were able to give me the address it was delivered to so the buyer could collect it (in my case it involved two roads in the same city having the same name so they’d delivered it to a different postcode).


The customer found the parcel, as his neighbour gave it to him.

However the picture used in the proof of delivery is not that of his neighbours doors. (WTF)



Maybe it was a neighbour further along the street - not necessarily a direct neighbour ??


Pretty common. At least it wasn’t just a black picture that is usually shown. Some drivers just drop wherever they can (especially if they have someone on their round they know is usually in).


At least it was a picture of a Front Door even if it wasn’t the correct one!

The amount of time I have had pictures of someone’s feet or pathway which is totally useless.

The biggest problem I have with EVRI is that when they leave a parcel with a neighbour they never give the customer a card to say they have done this. They have updated the tracking to say it was delivered to a neighbour but never say which number.

A few times I have had to look out my window to try and match up the photo with the neighbour who has my parcel!


Still thats no help in finding the parcel if they use the incorrect property picture as proof.