Excess Inventory


On my Excess inventory it says “estimated storage fee over £2k” , will I be charged this amount ?


I don’t know for certain, but I imagine you will be, if you do nothing about it.



No, at least you shouldn’t. The estimate is based on:

" What is the estimated total storage cost?

The estimated costs that you will incur if you take no action to help sell through or remove your inventory. This includes Storage fees, including any Long-Term Storage Fees, and the holding cost of capital, if applicable."

So if your sales don’t improve and you take no other action then that is what Amazon are estimating the cost to be.

Edit - to point made in the post above, if you are talking about having exceeded your storage space, then that is something that needs resolving immediately.


@Demel has expressed it better than me. So perhaps the answer ought to be “it depends on what happens”.

But exceeding storage is, indeed, something else.


Yeah Amazon refer to stock in excess of your storage limit as “overage” and stock that you have an excess of compared to your sales as “excess”. Don’t you just love the English language? :wink: