Export Settings


Hello friends,

I also have a concern about FBA export.

We have UK VAT code and all products are stored in UK and we have activated FBA export only from UK for 26 EU countries.

Now we have obtained the VAT code from France and we want to send stock to France.
Will the FBA costs be lower than the EFN in the UK to France which is 4.88 EUR?

Can we send the same ASIN to the UK and FR?
Is it possible to activate FBA export also in France?

If we remain out of stock in France will the UK automatically enter and activate the export to France? and vice versa?

If we have activated stock in FR and UK and have a sale in Spain at what cost EFN will go? With the UK or FR?

Thank you


EFN only applies, when sending the stock from the UK. So yes, your fees will be cheaper for the stock stored in France.
Yes, you can send the same ASIN to both countries. In fact if you are going to take advantage of the fact that you have registered for VAT in France, then it makes sense to do so.

I would be careful of FBA export. This does allow for stock to be returned to the country it is sold in.
So if you are selling in other EU countries, but not registered for VAT, then it could trigger it.

As to your last question, then I would imagine, it will be from your home market, which is UK?


thank you for fast respons

Yes our home market is UK.