Export UK supplements to Amazon US and FDA registration


Hi There,

I am looking forward to sell my Private label supplement on Amazon US as I am already selling it on Amazon UK. I believe registration with FDA is required in order to import anything like it to USA from UK and sell through Amazon US. Product is made and labeled with my company name in UK facility under GMP standards but without FDA registration.

What is required from me in order to safely place my product on Amazon US without being rejected?

I have come across this company which apparently doing this process for me but it seems a bit doggy as they ask about personal details on the fly, without any proper form or registration and then ask for fee.

Is there anyone out there who can point me in right direction in terms of FDA registration.

Many Thanks


Hi I don’t sell supliments but as far as I’m aware they will need to be labelled different to UK due to requirements on packing so you would be best researching.