Fabric type requirement for selling clothing in the UK and EU Amazon stores


As communicated on 20 May 2021 via Seller Central, in order to simplify the listing experience for clothing products on Amazon stores, we are making the following two changes to the listing experience:

1. Replacement of material_composition1 and fabric_type1 by fabric_type1 only.

2. Performance of validation checks on values submitted in fabric_type1.

Fabric type (previously material composition) is an important attribute for search relevance, refinements and product evaluation.

After 23 September 2021, the fabric_type1 attribute will be mandatory, and the material_composition1 attribute will no longer be available in the listing experience. As of then, new listings must be submitted with material composition values in fabric_type1 Amazon will copy over values between existing fabric_type1 and material_composition1, so please review your values once copied over.

We encourage you to start using fabric_type1 attribute to submit composition of material for clothing products in the valid format. For more information on how to use the fabric_type1 attribute, go to Material composition for clothing



Does this mean that ANYTHING in the clothing category will be deemed clothing and will require this attribute?


Hello @MonkeyBoy,

The change in listing experience is on product type level. It means, that when creating a new listing for one of the affected product types in Clothing category, you will need to fill in fabric_type1 attribute with information about % and composition of material of your listed product. Please refer to FAQ6 under our Help Page related to Fabric Type Listing : https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/G4VSCG75ZZL5FP53