Failed disbursement UK


I’m aware of the threads for failed disbursements in DE & FR. Has the issue now spread to UK?

I requested a UK disbursement this morning around 10am. Everything occurred normally and the transfer was confirmed by Amazon via email half an hour later. Account balance then reset to zero.

However, logged back on this afternoon and the transfer balance has moved back into the current transfer, marked as a “Carryover”. And the reason “Failed Disbursement”.

At the top of the statement it states “An unexpected issue occurred during fund transfer. Please contact Seller Support for more information.”

Anyone else having issues with UK disbursements?


Same here was told my bank had rejected it


Received this reply from Seller Support.

"I understand that your concern is regarding payments. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Upon research, I see that our internal team has initiated the amount but the amount was bounced back to us.

Hence I request you get in touch with your bank and confirm if any details related to your bank account or code has been changed. "

NOTHING has been changed at our end.


Exactly the same here - I thought it was just me… Sigh… You gotta love Amazon.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like an error at Amazon level then.


yep same here


I found this on another thread , you need to update your deposit method and add your IBAN number , its on your bank statement and ig a uk bank starts with GB


Thanks for the info.

This is really poor from Amazon. If they require additional banking information a simple request would suffice instead of all this.

A new low.


Well the only answer I have to that, is doesn’t say it on mine! :slight_smile:


Has just happened to us too.

According to Chat they are working to fix it and I’ll be notified by email

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I’d be very wary of making any alterations to your bank details. It seems to me any alteration can start a verification requirement.

I say that because we were using World First to convert Euro back to GBP, but got fed up with them, so changed the pre populated drop down box with the destination bank account back to the standard UK GBP company bank account. Had to supply documents again.


I’ve had payments bounce for UK,DE & FR.
This is not our issue, this is very much Amazon doing something wrong!


I have had the same with my account. seller support have yet to answer me but I’m guessing its a fault on Amazons side as we have not received an email informing us of any additional info needed for banking. I did receive an email saying my disbursement was completed .


IBAN is another part of your bank account details which amazon now require , you would not have done this when you set up your dispersment account details , if you dont do it you will still be in this position for weeks to come


have you updated your details for bank , this is what is causing it in all 3 countries apparantly


Well we haven’t updated our bank details for years so that’s not the cause for us


Whilst I appreciate that they may well now require an IBAN number, there has been no notification of this, multiple sellers are experiencing the issue and I for one, have not changed my bank details in a considerable time.
The above very definately points to an issue with Amazon.
So I wouldn’t recommend changing any details until it is confirmed one way or the other!

I am sure most people will have opened incidents for this problem. It’s Amazon, that need to sort it out, not us!

Any why would it not effect all disbursments? Spain and Italy have gone through no issues!

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Same problems here for Germany / France , still waiting for amazon support since Friday


Mine has bounced back too - nothing to say I needed to change anything.


have you actually clicked the buton to change you bank account details it appears after that , and i know people on the german site have done this and it solved the problem , its upto you i am only advising what other people have done to resolve this , its upto you if you want to sit and wait for a response from amazon