Fake bogus Amazon suspected property rights infringement violations may 2019


I have been selling on Amazon for around 3 years with no violations. Now suddenly I get 3 in a week. I have sent invoices and explained there 100% genuine. Also they match the Asin perfectly. The brands are loreal and Wahl, and the other is a generic non branded watch.

This is really upsetting as I need these removed as we are a legit family run business and always source products from the UK from reputable suppliers.

I have sent lots of messages including invoices and it’s falling on Def ears. I really don’t know what to do and find this very unfair that I could lose my account at no fault of my own.

If anyone can help or anyone has suddenly found themselves hit with these same violations suddenly please comment and let me know.

Also if anyone knows how many before my account is closed as I’m pretty sure 3 would do it even though I have done nothing wrong.

Many thanks for reading and hope someone can help.


Hi If several emails have been sent to Amazon Performance Team, you shall wait for their decision on your plan of action before sending more messages or taking further actions. Uusally Amazon will repond, just time period varies.Best wishes.


Suspected intellectual property violations will not get you suspended, so you can relax a little.
This is a new thing on amazon, they are trying to prevent problem before it will happen, and they are often misfiring on this field, and that’s why it is called SUSPECTED, because no one complained about your product or you as a seller, it is just amazon bots.
As this is not a real complaint, there is no risk of suspension involved, and usually they don’t even want you to appeal, often it is just enough to update title of listing to re-create it.
In your case as you are talking about well known brand, you can try to appeal and get this listing reinstated, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any answer in this matter.
Additionally, even if you will win appeal, this will stay in your metrics for 6 months, but as said before, unless you will have real policy violations, the suspected ones will not get you suspended.


I am having the same problem I am getting nowhere.
An IP infringement complaint when clearly they are two different designs.
I get the same automated response, I manufacture the items myself , so can not provide the manufacturers invoice

This is a malicious complaint

Does anyone have any advise ? Please


Personally, I don’t think that these new “suspected” Intellectual Property Rights Infringement complaints would result in a suspension.

Many sellers received hundreds of them without any action taken.

Just make sure that none of your listings are in a violation of the Amazon policy to prevent future complaints.


I really hope your right. I’m just removing the items as they send them as can’t be bothered with the hassle. I’d rather just sell on another channel. Was nice of them to let us know all about it to stop us from worrying unnecessarily.


As above I don’t think they will result in a suspension but they can (and do) result in the ASIN being suspended.
I’ve got one where I’m an approved retailer for the brand, have a letter from the brand authorising me selling them and they still removed me from being able to list it.
I had another one as well (same brand) but I managed to sell all of them on other channels before it got resolved.


Now today I have had a violation saying copyright and is watch like an apple watch.

The item is a non branded cheap watch. No were does it mention apple and nor us it anything to do with apple.

I explained this and they want me to send diagrams of the watch which I can’t do as I only had one and sold it several months ago.

Amazon is getting increasingly frustrating.


You need to appeal but the appeal has to be written in a certain way for Amazon to accept.
Unfortunately if your appeal is accepted the complainant can submit the same IP complaint again and the listing will be taken down again. It is a never ending cycle of suspension and appealing for me


The appeal has to be written in a certain way. If you manufacture the items yourself then invoice yourself and send that


I had several emails from Amazon the other day for listings I had not ever had in stock or sold, which had been removed for containing the word “Lush” somewhere in the product descrption and claiming it’s trademarked. The only Lush I am aware of make soap.
They were presumably Amazons product descriptions since they were the only sellers selling the items at the time, and have now , in a sense, banned themselves from selling it anymore due to their own description.
When I contacted to let them know that their bots had gone a bit mad, I got a response telling me I had to request ungating and approval to sell those brands, which wasn’t even remotely connected to my question.
Amazon bots going wild on the site I guess. The worst thing is since the catalogue pages are now removed nobody else nor amazon can list against them so the product becomes difficult for customers to source.


I have found that once the listing is correct or amazon decide it wasnt infringing (and their bot was over zealous) and the listing page is reinstated the marks on the health screen are removed/updated within 24 hours


We have the same issue , seven suspected IP violation in 5 days of items we have been selling at least 4-5 years and we are authorised dealer for the brand. When we contacted SS they said you can’t have that brand in the title without permission. We also noted it targets only those ASINs that there is one seller , in this case us. There are 100s of other ASIN with same brand but much more popular products, each being sold by 10+ sellers and we know for fact 9 out of 10 of them are not Authorised dealers and are buying in open market. We have written to notice-dispute@amazon.co.uk and are waiting response. But its very stressful and time taking :frowning:


we had some Barbie Playstation and 3ds games taken down,
despite the fact that Namco Bandai paid handsomely for the license.
it seems their bot read “Barbie” in the title and saw the brand on the product was not Barbie or Mattel
they suggested changing the brand to Barbie or Mattel and I said no - that then infringes on Namco Bandai IP


You are right, these Suspected Violations are detected by Amazon’s bots and are over incorrect usage of third party trademarked terms in listing titles, bullet points or descriptions.

In order to fix them, you will need to edit the product detail pages to ensure that the terms used do not lead to your products being confused with a different trademarked product.

Examples of unacceptable terms:

– “AmazonBasics speaker charging cable.” AmazonBasics is trademarked by Amazon.
– “Wireless Amazon speaker for laptop.” Amazon is trademarked by Amazon.
– “Cable similar to Pinzon.” Pinzon is trademarked by Amazon, and they prohibit the use of “similar to.”

Examples of acceptable terms:

– “Cable for charging AmazonBasics speaker.” The cable is not created or sold by Amazon.
– “Wireless speaker for laptop, compatible with AmazonBasics.” The speaker is not created by Amazon.
– “Basic cable works with Pinzon.” The cable is not sold or created by Pinzon.


Thank you for your feedback Kika, but how do you sell for example a JVC product with not putting JVC in the title and if we are a JVC authorised dealer then what is the issue? Also most of these listings are not done by us and we can not change them .
Recently a well branded toaster that we were selling and 11 other sellers , the picture changed to a unbranded cooking pot, when we contacted Amazon, we were told , they can’t correct because of manufacturer IP matters and we have to contact manufacturer !
All seems to be illogical and annoying.


The brand name should be automatically placed into the title by Amazon, if properly inserted in the relevant field.

This way you will not receive any Policy Warnings.


This issue is hitting us hard where sub-brands or both brand and manufacturer are used in the title.
For example “Mickey Mouse” used in the title of an item which has the brand “Disney”.
We’ve had over 20 this week, while Amazon have stated that they don’t affect your account, they have now indicated that we will be suspended (although part of the emails says “you will remain suspended”, making me think it’s a template for normal IP claims) if we don’t provide invoices within 17 days, this is for items which we purchased 2-3 years ago and have been out of stock for several months.


Kika - the problem is where one company owns the brand/ip and is licensed or manufacturerd for a third party.

Microsoft own the XBOX IP,
they publish their own games and 3rd party companies publish games for the xbox but the manufacturing is handled by Microsoft.

so Warner publish Mortal Kombat
it is presented in a green dvd case.
features the logo XBOX on the cover and is officially known as

Mortal Kombat X (XBOX One)

the amazon bot is picking up the XBOX in the title - and not finding the brand as Microsoft (so it flags it)

Another part of the bot is search artwork/images and is finding the XBOX logo on the product (and flags it)

Amazon’s magic solution is to tell sellers to remove the xbox logo from the product image (but it is the image of the product and is correct and is licensed)

and secondly to tell vendors to change the brand on the listing to Microsoft

which is incorrect as the brand is Warner

and another suggestion was to put

Compatible with

into the title. which is wrong. in this case Warner have paid a royalty to Microsoft which covers all of this.

I can understand why amazon are doing it - but they have completely ignored how licensing and sub licensing works.

We have a game for the Playstation 3 - published by Namco - licensed from Mattel
I had a message telling me that the Barbie license was suspected of being infringed ?

the video game - Lego Star Wars - apparently infringes on Lego’s trademark. (it is published by Disney - so the Star Wars part was ok in their eyes - but Lego is a problem?)


We have 18 in the last few weeks , i didn’t even know until i went into Account Health! I have been told we need to change slight wording in the Asin in the listing but this has been a nightmare in itself as we cannot seem to do this as the system wont allow us to!
Waiting to see what seller support say