FBA address for shipping?


Fo the life of me Icant find or figure out how to find the address for a warehouse I’m meant to have my orders from suppliers sent to? someone please tell me I’m just being stupid and can show me the correct way to sort this out. Im new tothis so please go easy on me.

Help me find the address

Firstly you need to go through the amazon seller university pages

The address/es will be stated when you create the shipment


Ok thank you can I create the shipment before I create an add to be posted? also is it right that I need the shipping address the address te items come from? for example a factory in china?


Your ship from address needs to be the ship from address

And no you cannot create a shipment if you have no listings

Read the fba section on amazon seller university otherwise you’ll come across many issues


Ok thanks for the help shall go through them now.


Make sure you’ve seen samples and really trust the supplier if you’re going to send directly from China. Who is going to label your items, do they have barcodes?


i trust my seller and they create the sku and barcodes for amazon shipping. I just cant find the address for the warehouse to send these products to im running out of patience


As above, you need to go through the fba section of the university and it’ll show you.

As an aside, I assume your account is fully verified as a business account and you have insurance in place?


Which you presumably can’t do yet


Have you actually created the listing on amazon? Or added to an existing listing?


I cant find the address to send my shipment to I have searched the website but have found nothing! please help me find the address to send my shipment to!


@Jessica duplicate thread


Hello @Shopify_supplies,

I don’t know if exist a list with all the warehouses and FC`s. once you select the products that you send to Amazon the second step the system will give you the option to choose the fulfillment center.
Here is a link where you can find more info on Send to Amazon and on this other one you can find more info on Partnered carrier shipping from China to the UK.



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