FBA and FBM listings in Handmade


Does anyone know how to create 2 listings - one FBA and one FBM. One ASIN, 2 SKU’s?

In the main catalogue, you can just click ‘add another condition’ in the drop down menu to the right (in your inventory) this option is not there in the Handmade category.

The other method, in the main catalogue, is to go to the product page and click ‘sell this product’ - again this option isn’t there (as, obviously, no one else is allowed to add a listing to products in Handmade).

One more method - go to ‘add a product’, search the ASIN and click ‘sell this product’. You can go through the motions on this one but the listing never appears in inventory.

None of these, main catalogue, methods work in Handmade

I’m used to the main catalogue so things must be different in Handmade but I can’t work out how to do it. Handmade CS said to create two SKU’s for the same ASIN, which is exactly what i’m trying to do - they didn’t tell me how to do it though.

I’ll contact CS again but just wanted to check first if anyone in here knows how to do it - in the Handmade category (as i say, i know all the methods in the main catalogue)?

Thank you