FBA being sold in europe


Recently noticed that some of our FBA products have ‘3 marketplaces’ icons next to them. I have tried to edit them and turn the other countries ‘off’ - but this seems to be ineffective. I have now had some sales in France & Italy and can see the prices in Euros - is this new?
Can I stop this happening or should I go with the flow and be grateful for the sale?


You probably have the BIL tool enabled.
You need to deactivate the links between the sites.

Also, go to each individual site, set it on holiday mode and check through the listings.
If there are any there and you don’t want them, then delete them.
Rinse and repeat for all sites.

If you want to sell on them, then you need to triple check your costs.
EFN is a fair bit more expensive than standard FBA.


Thanks - but all other non uk sites are on holiday mode and always have been?
Really not sure how this is possible?


Check settings - fulfilment by amazon
EFN settings


Brilliant Little Shop - thanks very much!


As Neil said, make sure you disable the BIL link too


Holiday mode will only stop the FBM sales and not FBA.
I included it, to stop everything.


where do I find that link?