FBA Buy Box Disaster - The Solution


I think what he’s saying is that he should be able to charge double with FBA and still win the buy box.

FBA has been a nightmare for FBM sellers for years now, especially the numerous dodgy Chinese sellers that don’t pay any import duty, probably no tax at their end either.


Amazon is working on putting people into space with the Blue Origin programme.

It’s sitting on a mine of data as big as Facebook’s.

The business model of many FBA sellers is not their concern.

Your huge amount is not their huge amount.

Selling on Amazon, like driving for Uber or delivering for Yodel, is like swimming with sharks. Build it into your business plan.


Is that a Plan Of Action for Amazon?!!


Yes but FBM sellers have to pay postage and packaging costs on top of the 19% Fee, where as FBA sellers Fee (36%) includes postage and packaging costs). So in my experience, FBA is the better option in the long term…

You can argue about the FBA storage fees etc… but Amazon are more transparent about them now - especially the LTSF (Long Term Storage Fees) - by charging only after 12 months in FBA, and then on a monthly basis.

Also a seller who uses FBA tends to employ less staff compared to an FBM Seller… (at least that’s the case in my experience)


Can amazon get their account suspended I wonder :slight_smile:


they are giving the merchants a crack at it, it will return when time is right, patience


I want to be the second person to dispatch a parcel from Space…………… Because JeBe will be the first


Interesting comments … it seems what the FBA sellers are saying is they made the wrong business decision !


We do mainly FBA and are repeatedly getting these emails saying ‘your products are not eligible to get the buy box’ with a suggested price that would mean selling at a ridiculous loss making price.

Other sellers that also sell the same products with FBA at the same price as me are also not getting the BB.

In fact there are no FBM sellers at a lower price on many of these products and no one has the BB

Actually there is no actual BB on these products. Just where the BB is normal located

Amazon are not selling them either in most instances.

What’s going on …stop pissing around amazon.

We are massively down on last month and October was down on September.


You can check this in the manage pricing tool. So many items actually don’t have a BB anymore.


They are approaching manufacturers themselves and trying to knock all sellers


If no sales are made within a certain time period (not sure of the exact time period) then the Buy Box feature will disappear from the listing…

In my experience, to get the Buy Box back you have to get some traction (orders)… So that may mean temporarily selling a small quantity at a lesser profit or no margin, but it will be worth… when the Buy Box returns and your product is up the Sales Rank


In my humble opinion really there should be no buy box. It should be a consumer market. Let them select what they want based on price and delivery time. Also on product reviews and buyer feedback. Let them see everything that is available based upon the search terms they keyed in. They should then be able to filter down as they like and see all the results relevant to the filtering they make.


There never used to be a Buy Box option - for the first couple of years I was selling here… The Marketplace Platform was quite similar to the old eBay system…

The current Buy Box has its advantages when you get it, but obvious disadvantages when you don’t


Our FBA products are now losing the buy box to O/S sellers who do not have to charge VAT so are instantly able to be 20% cheaper. These sellers are not seller fulfilled prime eligible and have 4 week delivery times to the UK plus they are charging shipping costs on top which in some cases makes their products more expensive and they are still winning the buy box. We have a perfect health record also so it goes against everything which usually gives us the buy box. It is so seriously broken and defeats the whole purpose of why we use FBA. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next couple of weeks when their delivery times are for after Dec 25 and they are still being promoted. Also happening in the USA to a lesser extent.



Please check your listings from an ‘In Private Window’ (or similar) - for example… check your listing when not logged into Amazon or on the same browser (use a different logged out device). You will probably find that you have the Buy Box. When viewing the detail page via a logged in Seller Central device, Amazon will auto think you are the Seller, so assume you are not able to buy the item and therefore what you see on the detail page (Buy Box) gets messed up a bit


These are high sales volume ASINS I am referring too.


Done that shows exactly the same.


Having used FBA, SFP and FBM i would not say it is more expensive to sell with FBA, in fact i would say it is probably cheaper and this change is most welcome as it was completely unfair that FBA should get buy box at vastly inflated prices and makes the platform anti-competitive. Like a lot on here say it should be based on price, metrics and location and i for one am ecstatic they have changed it


Totally agree with you, if true ithe change really is great news.