FBA Buy Box Disaster - The Solution


It is probably advance action by Amazon in response to the EU investigation into their practices as they are specifically looking at the Buy Box and the need for transparency in how it operates.


The buy box does not always give a buyer the best buy, (price and delivery time). THAT is the main issue. Who knows what Amazons algorithm is, if it is based on a key word search that gives priority to adverts, (sponsored), I would say money :smiley:


we only sell fbm and we have always been in the OSA box even if we are not in the buy box providing we are competitive enough. with regards to competing against fba we still have to be significantly cheaper and much more competitive to maintain the buy box and i believe it should be much closer matched and they shouldn’t favor fba over fbm at the massive difference in price they do. its irrelevant if your fees are more as you are basically using amazon as your staff and you pay them a fee for that service. we have staff we pay to do that job and i bet we are actually paying more and making less. in my opinion this would be a good thing, however i haven’t seen any increase in our buy boxes we still need to be significantly cheaper and are continually eating into our profits to attain this. welcome to the competitive world of business!!


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There’s an obvious paradigm shift and that is geared towards Seller Fulfilled Prime.
Amazon’s main focus is always the customer experience and the hierarchy of priority for Buy Box now seems to go is SFP > FBA > FBM.
This makes complete sense to me from their perspective. The main incentive of FBA for sellers was increased visibility / winning the the Buy Box whilst being able to offer next day delivery for the customer.

Now… even though Amazon charge for the service of FBA why would they want to or need to incur the additional cost of warehouse rental, storage, handling etc. for all the FBA sellers when they could incentivise the sellers to incur the charges and do all this for them by offering a higher Buy Box win rate?
Basically… if you’re on a listing where you product is FBA and exactly the same price as someone else who is Seller Fulfilled Prime then it is going to prefer them over you winning the Buy Box.


Agreed, I believe that as a result of the investigation, Amazon will need to offer an equal chance to win the BuyBox to all sellers regardless of their fulfillment method.


I think there is more to it - I have put some ASINS 1p cheaper on FBM against another FBM seller with 96% and I am 100% with never any issues - I know there is more to it but I think its a bias towards VAT registered as that is the only thing I can see that differs from me and some of my ASINS competition.


Seller support have zero clue how the buy box works, you were wasting your time talking to them.

I’d be genuinely amazed if you got a reply from that email address as I’ve never heard of anyone receiving one.


but if your own buyer account is set for amazon business it will often show vat registered sellers as a priority,

what happens if you view the same product page on a web browser set to “private window” (firefox) or “incognito” (chrome)


just checked - No difference they are still top…I offer free postage they offer extra for postage but in total Im cheaper and they still get BB (both FBM) so its baffling


No - flipping fed up with FBA taking the buy box just because it is FBA. Get a warehouse, employ local people and feed your local economy. Stop filling Amazon’s coffers xxx About time Amazon offered a fair buy box instead of it Automatically being FBA


One thing you appear to fail to take into account, is the assertion by Amazon that “everyone” at some point will get a share of the buy box, no matter how small. e.g. 0.01% ?
The Algorithm often changes in minor ways which we never really notice so this may no longer be true.
None of us will ever know, so this thread is really just a pleasant way to pass the time.


I am very please that means us FBM can sell out stock. FBA sellers taken away many businesses as they place you on the top of search


I would also agree to that. My sales since the end of September have plummeted. From Circa £300 sales per day to struggling to sell £60. My Buy Box percentage on 500 products is down to 20% and i am FBM. So i see no pattern to what anyone is saying on here that is similar to mine. It all does just defy any logic at present. I am 44% down month on month to last year and my account across the board is in good health as SS keep telling me.

I have no answer other than Amazon have without doubt changed whatever algorithm it uses to control the Buy Box. It seems to be affecting both FBM and FBA but someone somewhere must be doing well out of it.

The other people suffering are the customers as they rarely know how to search or navigate the site to get to the right screen that shows the best offering, ie price and delivery options for them.

Only option i have is to try to wait it out and see if it changes as i cannot affect any change from what i can see.



:laughing:Yes I have plenty of time at the moment


Lets do a poll

Up or down since 1st Oct?

Up or down over the same period last year?

I bet the majority of seasoned sellers are down.


7 years on here, Oct 19 up 120% on Oct 18.


Hi DH,

Did you get a reply from the MD?


I don’t know if I am up or down but I am either up a little or down a little but no massive change in either direction. I am a student and so do not do this full-time…so my numbers are not huge…but I did manage to sell £3375 over the last 30 days which is inline with what I did over the previous 30 days.

I have noticed that I am losing the buy-box more often to FBM sellers…especially when they are significantly lower in price. Depending on stock levels of competitors I try to be the lowest FBA priced seller and it has worked out quite well for me.


Oct18 vs Oct19 = 350% Increase
Oct19 vs Sep19 = 10.5% Increase
Oct19 vs Nov19 (So Far) = 10% Decrease

(But… October was particularly bad last year, average sales for a YoY increase would have been around 250%)