FBA Buy Box Disaster - The Solution


We sell media FBA and our BB% and Price Competitiveness has fallen drastically in the last week. There has been a significant shift to MFN sellers, who are winning the buy box alot more than before.

Unfortunately, alot of the cheap MFN sellers are either based offshore to avoid paying VAT (Switzerland) or don’t hold stock and ship late / not at all (whilst confirming shipment).

One such seller has the buy box on an item, has a 91% 30 day feedback rating, and their feedback comments are peppered with “item did not arrive” negatives.

If Amazon is going to allow MFN sellers to have the buy box when they are cheaper, I hope they will hold poorly performing ones to account.


I have many items that are FBA and 20% higher price than the one FBM seller. I am in the buy box because it says so on my ad campaigns. However I literally never come up now and my sales have dropped off a cliff. It even displays a massively long delivery time and not the prime delivery time. The competitor does not offer prime.

If i sell them at the same price as the competitor I make nothing.

Also my price is displayed but struck through and only the competitors price is displayed. You have to click all the way through to see other sellers (which no one will) to buy from me.


One such seller is D…i D…al with 78% 30 day Feedback and they have been around just over a year and on their store page they have more then 10,000 items listed and for some reason they are always the lowest with 15 of each item in stock all the time.
They are clearly Dropshippers and looks like they have something to do with the good old At…ca. How do these guys keep coming up over and over again I do not understand. Go and figure it out!!


Response from Amazon

Dear Seller,

My name is David, and I’m a member of the Amazon.co.uk Executive Seller Relations Team. Our Managing Director, Doug Gurr received your email and requested that I research this issue and respond on his behalf.

The position in the ‘Buy Box’ or ‘More Buying Choices’ box is never guaranteed or promised to any seller. While the Buy Box and More Buying Choices boxes are intended to showcase merchants with high sales volume who consistently provide high quality products, timely order fulfilment, and excellent customer service, this allocation decision is done solely at the discretion of Amazon.co.uk in accordance with your selling agreement.

I can assure you that the logic used has been reviewed and that Buy Box and More Buying Choices box have been awarded correctly.

We cannot share any information about the specifics of how the Buy Box has been allocated. This information is not provided externally and Amazon will not comment on the Buy Box and More Buying Choices allocation decisions we have made to any seller.

Thank you for your understanding,

Executive Seller Relations


The only time buybox is relevant is during ad campaigns; without it you cannot advertise. However we constantly getting only like 5% buybox and max is around 12%; we still doing ok relatively.

the shift of how the buybox is being awarded can favour some but disadvantage others; that is the nature of policy change, not just in business but also in everyday life. Not much you can do but to adapt and make the best of it.

We have a competitor whom is about the same size as us and sell the same sort of lines but are doing silly prices. so either we sit tight and wait them out with the price we willing to sell or if you really tight on bills, then slash the price to get the cash back to try for another line.

The main problem I think is that there are a lot of perception of Amazon/ebay selling is easy with all these youtube videos/guru selling courses etc; a lot of people going onto the platform with no clue of business never mind about retail and make a harsh of things. In order to weed out and make the professional stand out is to have constant policy changes; so only the best adaptable professional sellers can thrive.

just my 2 pence worth


According to their own help pages you have to FBA to get the buy box in media?



funny how if you go to the link you have provided and scroll down to the section " Will Fulfilment by Amazon help me win the Amazon buy box?" - try clicking on the Buy Box or Buy Used Box link and neither work? all other links on this page work or is it just me


we are currently loosing a couple of buy boxes to a seller and i had a look at his feedback and this is his metrics

30 days	90 days	12 months	Lifetime

Positive 0% 29% 71% 78%
Neutral 0% 0% 4% 3%
Negative 100% 71% 25% 19%
Count 2 7 117 182

their first five feedbacks are all one star bar one that is five star here is how they read.

1 out of 5 stars Still waiting for delivery !!

By Amazon Customer on 07 November 2019.
1 out of 5 stars Not yet arrived 20th Oct

By amazon customer on 20 October 2019.
1 out of 5 stars Package not yet arrived, this on going and being checked out by supplier. Hopefully the package will turn up soon as money has gone from my account.

By Paul on 19 September 2019.
5 out of 5 stars These guys are awesome. After an idiot delivery driver left my goods outside where they could be stolen the inevitable happened. Contacted … and th…Read more

By Amazon Customer on 16 September 2019.
1 out of 5 stars item not yet delivered

By Amazon customer on 23 August 2019.

(i edited all names to say amazon customer but everything else is as it is)

how is it that they are even allowed to continue selling on amazon at all let alone be on the front page and on the buybox!! we are bending over backwards to make sure our metrics are good as we get suspended as soon as they fall below yet people we are competing with are allowed to do as they please. how is this possible


It’s gone quiet in this thread - has the problem been solved or is everyone too busy slashing their prices ti compete with MFN? :grimacing:


Stopped trying to compete with FBM sellers for BB I’ll just let them make their peanuts.Ive upped many prices rather than drop & still getting the sales expected at this time of the year without BB.


No Just Stopped using FBA used to ship up about 5 boxes a week up , I have shipped one in the past month . It will be interesting to see what happens in the new year
Has anyone else cut back on FBA ?

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