FBA fees and how to work them out


Please excuse my ignorance on all things FBA. I am thinking of moving some of my listings to FBA but im getting very confused with the fees. Do you pay shipping costs to shipbto the customer? Can anyone offer any assistance?

Thanks in advance


If you create an FBA listing you will see the fee estimate or you can use this calculator - which I don’t think includes VAT.

You don’t pay the shipping costs as such, but part of the FBA fees are based on the size and weight of the items.


FBA fees are just the equivalent of paying RM.
That’s it. That’s all you need to know.
Just make sure that you understand which particular FBA fee you will pay for your item.
Take a look at the rate cards, they detail size and weight and the location.
Be careful with the estimates on the listings, as these can be wrong. ie. if the size/weight has been entered incorrectly on the listing. Fees that you see quoted are also Excluding VAT.


Thank you for your quick reply. So make sure the weight and size of package is correct and add vat to the price. Do you package everything up like you would for a customer (minus the shipping address)


Thank you. Still have a lot to learn with FBA as havent used it. Will do some more reading and work out how to package the items and all that fun stuff.


You can do that, but unless your dimensions are very close, it’s just as easy to estimate.
They aren’t generally that strict on sizes, if they are very close. That of course doesn’t mean that can’t be if they want to!

Take a look at seller university. There is a link to it on the bottom of the main selling page.


If it is something that is likely to get damaged in transit then it might be worth putting it into extra packaging as the packaging Amazon uses can vary according to who picks it. I sell cards and don’t send them with stiffeners and, while most arrive okay, I do get the odd person complain that it was sent in a plastic bag more suited to garments.


Can someone direct me to the storage costs page, most of my items are very small. I have seen the cubic rate they charge but is there a simpler way of working out for example 24 different ASIN of different small sizes.
Is the storage cost for each day they are unsold from the day they receive it until the day each are sold? I am just worried about sending in a couple of hundred items that will sell steadily over a couple of months then get a larger than expected bill for storage.

couple of samples of the produce sizes
15 X 0.5 X 0.5 cm
7.5 X 7.5 X 1.5 cm
weight ranges from 10g to 80g
and similar sizes and weights
sent my first snl shipment last week with one product to SnL but most items will be only in quantities of 3 or 6 so wont qualify for SnL but sent to regular FBA centres which on our products isn’t too much difference.


Storage costs are usually relatively negligible unless your items are particularly large. They’re calculated daily but charged monthly.

1 cubic metre is charged at £13.77+VAT a month during summer (converted from 39p+VAT per cubic foot). This means you can store:

  • About 250,000 of the 15 X 0.5 X 0.5 cm items for £13.77+VAT a month
  • About 11,850 of the 7.5 X 7.5 X 1.5 cm items for £13.77+VAT a month

If you overstock and become due to pay Long-term storage fees for inventory in FCs for longer than 1 year, there is a minimum LTSF for each unit (currently 10p+VAT)

One thing to watch out for is if you sell stackable products you’ll be charged for the full dimensions of each one (e.g. 10 buckets each 30cm tall with 20cm diameter would be charged as 10x30x20x20cm (120,000 cubic centimetres), but if they stacked them they’d probably take up 45x20x20cm (18,000 cubic centimetres).


Thanks BarryM that’s put my mind at rest, if I was to send in 250,000 of the items I wouldn’t be too worried about the £13.77 too much :grinning::grinning:

I didn’t want a £50 or £100 bill for storage for only a few items while I test whether or not its worth it for me on FBA


Once your items are with Amazon, you can run a report to see the estimated fees for each ASIN.


Thank you Demel that’s perfect