FBA Fee's higher than Amazon Shipping Fee


Good Afternoon,

We are looking at moving one of our ASIN’s from MFN to FBA, however, the FBA fee that Amazon are charging to ship (£4.06) is higher than the shipping rate to dispatch from our own warehouse via Amazon Shipping (£3.15). Surely there is less work involved to dispatch an order from a fulfilment centre so the rate should be cheaper not more expensive?

Has anyone else had this problem an awaiting a reply from seller support

Many Thanks


Is it maybe due to the volume you are sending via Amazon shipping?
I can see it being feasible with the quantity being high enough, that you get a cheaper price.

The other side of it could simply be an incorrect size/weight on the listing.


Thanks Neil. I think you might be right about the volume as we do get very good rates through Amazon shipping due to the volume we ship. Hopefully Amazon will match the FBA fee on this listing


I somehow doubt it, but good luck with it.