FBA Fees seem massively high



I have listed a product which isn’t active yet because I need to send in…My question is does anyone know if or why the FBA fees have gone up… I know they have for fuel but for a £25 product it is showing just the FBA fee is £8.72 then you still have other fees. Does anyone know why this is so high?



Check your products weight. A fee of £8.72 suggests it is an oversize item weighing between 24.76 and 29.76 KG

You may have entered the weight incorrectly.


there is a couple of boxes under the 24kg mark. If you split the boxes like that can that change the amount instead of having one box with more weight or doesn’t it work like that? Thanks


do you mean the entire shipment weighs 24kg or each unit weighs 24kg ?
whats the asin of your product ?


No the entire box weights under 24kg but there is two boxes… Will if be better if I put these into 3 boxes with a smaller weight?


whats the weight of each individual unit ?


Asin is B0B216GYNY…


you’ve put on the product description that the item itself weighs 26kg - yet further up it says its 211g

you need to change the weight in your inventory to the actual product weight - not the entire shipment weight

and don;t send anything until you’ve changed the legal entity on your account otherwise you will be suspended and cannot sell


Not sure now as I have unpacked them… They are both around 22kg each… As the FBA fees have gone up massively there doesn’t seem to be any money in them at all now


you are still talking about the entire weight of the shipment - you need to put what the weight of the individual unit is on the product page in your inventory - not the weight of the shipment



Yes. to be honest with you I have no idea why that weight says that there now… Not sure how I managed that at all… Hopefully that will help things! Thanks for pointing that out…


go to your inventory and find the item, click edit and find the section with the weight and change it to 211g - if thats what they are individually


did you check they had all the relevant CE / UKCA marks and test certificates ?


Ahhh thanks… and the package dimension is wrong as that information is the size and the weight of the box with the products in ready to send to Amazon! ahhh big learning curve all this so sorry.


I asked the seller and they said they do have yes they do have these… I don’t have that information in the boxes though! Will this now be a problem for me?


are there any CE and UKCA stamps / labels on the product ?
has your supplier given you the test certificates rather than just telling you they have them ?


ahhh yes there is… CE…(Looks like…FC with a C in the middle of the C) and there is RoHS


Separate issue but remember the max box weight allowed is 23kg is make sure you weigh it accurately


Thank you all for your help… Hopefully I can sort this all out now so thanks.