FBA Fees - They need a new Large Standard Size of <2.4kg. A fairer deal for 3rd Party Sellers


I think it would be helpful if Amazon added an additional Standard size weight. Currrently it goes in 500g increments then from under <1.9kg to under <2.9kg. The fee increase between these is quite significant in UK and this is why many sellers will be caught out by the dimensional weight changes, making their offering unsellable vs. retail (and other online retail).

Interestingly many Vendor Central Sellers (those selling to Amazon) product prices are still extremely low in these categories (i.e. where product is light but a bit bulky such as a bowl or plant pot) indicating that they are not hit with the dimensional weight changes.

3rd party sellers are big, big loses out of this unless some tweaks are made to their rate table.


No, I think my price band should be cheaper!
Why do you think that something that is beneficial to you, is good for Amazon or indeed other sellers?

Do you really think that we all sell the same size items?

At the end of the day, we all pay the same fees, so there is no advantage or disadvantage to anyone particular seller.


The implications of the dimensional weight changes are quite dramatic for many selling a light/bulky item, especially in the Large Standard Size.

Perhaps there is a more balanced solution.

And on the topic of us all paying the same fees, that is true from an Amazon perspective. However the market is much, much bigger than Amazon, making this channel much less competitive in some instances.


Perhaps there is and perhaps Amazon have found the solution that suits them.
There is really no point in complaining about something that was announced a couple of months ago.
They gave plenty of time to review the changes and change pricing as appropriate.

A random quote:

" * In 2020, Amazon’s projected share of the retail e-commerce markets in the U.S. was at 47% and is predicted to increase to 50% in 2021. (Fortune, 2017)"

The market may well be bigger than Amazon alone, but when your comparing online sales, I think it’s fair to say that Amazon has largest slice of the pie. And according to that figure for 2020, it pretty much has half of the entire online sales market.
I think that is more than sufficient, for it to be able to say how it is and everyone else has to put up, or shut up.

You might also want to look at the below, it’s more UK centric.

Who is the biggest online retailer in the UK?

Amazon.co.uk is by far the biggest online marketplace in the UK, followed by Tesco and Argos.