FBA Inbound processing time- 14+ days


I have a box that is now in its 8th week of being delivered and no action.


Last few days I’ve actually found my shipments have been checked in really quickly. I was on an Amazon webinar a few months ago and one of the main things I picked up on it was the weight of the shipments. They advised 15kg or under are dealt with a lot quicker, as the whole process is pretty much fully automated for check in once they receive the shipment. They get put on a conveyor belt as soon as they arrive where machines scan the boxes and deal with a lot of the check in process. Anything over 15kg is put to one side and dealt with manually which takes longer as the conveyor belts they use have maximum weight limit of 15kg (I suspect its a little higher to deal with any discrepancies but they advised it was 15kg). As a result I’ve started sending boxes in no heavier than 15kg and check in has been a lot quicker.


Which FCs do you send to?

Does anyone know specifically which ones have long delays, and which are reasonably fast at the moment?


Almost all of them. All of our stuff is through the system and available for sale within 48 hours, even at this time of year. We adhere to a few simple rules which certainly seem to make things easier and quicker. We never send a box that is larger than 60cm x 60cm x 40cm. Not practical for many, I’m sure, but works fine for us. Also, we know certain items will go to certain FC’s, just through years of experience and we therefore ensure some boxes only contain items that go to a particular centre. For example, we have a few items which we know will ALWAYS go to Peterborough or to Gourock so we know what to put in boxes.


Which FCs have you noticed this to occur in? Are EMA1, BRS1, LCY2 any good?


We don’t have any issues with any of the FC’s and a lot of our items do go to LCY2. You cannot choose which FC your items go to though, that is down to Amazon. However, by learning which particular items go where, you can work out a system whereby you pack items specifically because you know they will go to a particular centre. This also helps Amazon as it speeds things up from a processing point of view…which in turn helps you because your shipments are processed faster.


Shipment collected 3pm Mon received & on sale 7pm Tues LTN4 this week.


Can’t argue with that sort of service :slight_smile:


FC’s I’ve sent to in the last two weeks which have been checked in within 48-72 hours of me sending them to them are BHX4, LTN4, LCY2. Not got any experience with the others as they haven’t come up for me to send to.


Well on sending my first small box shipment to LCY2 I get with UPS - Your package is being held for a future delivery date (which is unspecified)… this is exactly what I was trying to avoid. I hate how hit and miss FCs are and that you can’t tell if they’re going to delay your UPS delivery or processing after being delivered.


How are BHX4 and EMA1 at the moment?

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