FBA Inward shipment cancellation


FBA15FJCY2S1 - My account was deactivated and I halted the inward shipment because the stock would be stranded had I continued the shipment.

How can I cancel this shipment and request for a refund of the shipment fees?

My account was deactivated for no apparent reason and I am unable to send this replenishment in and I cannot contact support because the form redirects to the Appeal page. I’ve already submitted the appeal 3 times but no response.

Thank you.


You can only do this if it was created less than 24 hours ago

If you have managed to speak to the courier and halt your delivery and have it returned thats all you need to do


Thank you. My account was deactivated more than 24 hours after I requested the transfer so yes, I am unable to refund / cancel the shipment then.

Yes, I managed to halt the delivery so it’s still in the warehouse in UK.