FBA Item showing as out of stock


Hi everyone

I have some FBA items which are showing as inactive (out of stock)…however there is stock available, as shown in this screen shot.
I wonder what I may have done wrong, or what I must do to make this item (and the others similarly affected in my inventory) show as available?
(Incidentally, I do have other FBA items which are in stock and showing as available).
Any thoughts gratefully rec’d!


You could have stranded inventory.
There is a tool that you can use in the help, to check why something is not showing as active.
I would suggest that you give that a go. If it doesn’t solve it, you can only escalate to support I’m afraid.


Many thanks Neil.
I have now found this error message via the stranded inventory route you suggested:

The inventory might be bound in a fulfilment centre for review or you might need to refresh your listing. Contact Seller Support for further instructions

So, I will contact SS.



An update for anyone who might be similarly effected.

Amazon tell me:

After reaching out to the respective team, we have found that the reason is that the SKUs was being stored in a non appropriate fulfillment center and the listing was placed as stranded inventory while the transshipment of the units to the appropriate fulfillment centers is completed.

The transshipments occur automatically, and we cannot force/request them. We can see internally that they have been initiated and the inventory and listing should be available in the following days. Once the inventory is stored appropriately the stranded inventory will be removed from your account automatically.

So with luck all is in hand.