FBA labeled product with wrogh barcode, and delivered to customer



I always label products (with AZ barcodes) myself.
Amazon somehow relabeled it with wrong barcode of other product.
Now wrong product was delivered to customer.
I have have pictures from customer with wrong label.
What should I do in this sittuation?


In regards to the customer, you point them towards Amazon support.
You are not supposed to handle support, for an FBA order.
As regards the label, then more than likely it’s either a simple error for an item returned and labelled wrong, or they have the put the wrong it in the wrong box.
If you are concerned about it, then your only option is to recall the stock.


Amazon placed wrong FNSKU label on the correct FNSKU label. So if customer returns that product, the label issue will be fixed, or it will be sent back to inventory without any changes…?


Probably just put back into inventory as is, unless there is a problem with it.
ie. the box is damaged etc.

You can always open a case with support, but I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting them to do anything.
You can also ask them for a bin check. Though how well that is done, is another thing entirely.


This happens more often than people realise.
We’ve had sellers receive the wrong items (of ours) that the warehouse have re-labelled for no reason, and we’ve also had many cases of customers receiving random items from other sellers (things we’ve never stocked) that they’ve re-labelled as our items.

I’d say it’s about 1in5 cases that we get Amazon to acknowledge the issue, and of those we’ve never had anything other than a “We’ll correct it” response. No compensation, no adjustment of customer feedback, etc…

We usually just end up recalling the entire batch of stock to check them. And have had all sorts of random items back.
A good one is when you send in stock, get a warning that you’ve sent an ‘unexpected’ item, recall it, and find that it’s 50 boxes of tissues, or some other generic item, that you most definitely didn’t send.