FBA List Cost breakdown


Hello fellow sellers,

I have a simple question about all the lists of the cost that are AMAZON FBA Charging for selling a single products: I will try to list it. ( for a professional account)

  1. Referral fee
  2. Monthly cost (professional account)
  3. Fulfilment fees (pick and pack and delivery cost?) { I am not very sure)
  4. Storage fees
  5. labelling fee (amazon will put the label)

is there anything else that I am missing? :slight_smile:

please do share your experience!

Thank you fellow sellers


1, 2: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/external/help.html?itemID=H78LW99F4XF3Z38&language=en_GB&ref=efph_H78LW99F4XF3Z38_cont_200336920
3, 4, 5: https://services.amazon.co.uk/services/fulfilment-by-amazon/pricing.html (Downloadable PDF on that page)

Pick, pack and delivery are all included in the FBA fee. You can label items yourself to save money.

Be aware of the upcoming fee changes: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/G201411300

Remember to add VAT to the fees too.


And LTSF after 365 days…[if not counted among the already mentioned “storage fees”]


Hi Barry

Thank you so much.

Further question, Do you have/know any FBA fee calculator? (if that exist? )

I tried the one from amazon and it is very confusing :frowning:


Thank you very much Adrian.


It’s easier just to work it our yourself with a calculator or spreadsheet.


got it.

Thank you so much


I use a spreadsheet for our products, but we also use this one, easy to use and accurate for UK:


thank you conny :slight_smile:

will check it for sure.


Hi guys,

I hope you are well.

I have another question regarding FBA.

I have listed my products, and a lot of sellers are using them already.

I would like to ask, when we send the goods to the warehouse, using the same exact ASIN, how do amazon know that those are our products?

by our SKU? or?

another question would be, is it possible for our SKU to be duplicated by someone else?



By the FNSKU barcode - which is unique to the product, its condition (i.e. new) and you.

If you commingle they cannot easily determine which items are yours.


If the FNSKU begins with an X then its unique to you otherwise its commingled.


Hi Barry,

thank you for the answer.

I am more confused ,if I am using labelled by amazon, amazon will label the FNSKU right? so again back to my question, before amazon label them, how do amazon know that it is “my products” due to the same exact ASIN?

sorry I am still confuse about this.



Well, regarding that, when will I get the FNSKU on the process (if i used their service of labeling)?

just super curious.



Are you asking about GS1 EAN registration? The EAN barcode you apply to it if you are the “creater” of the product?

The item has a barcode (EAN, UPC, ISBN etc) that the manufacturer applies. Thats a code for the item whoever sells it and as long as its only used once it doesn’t matter who its registered it.

When creating your listing in Amazon, you will have provided this code against an ASIN and so when Amazon scan the barcode they will apply the FNSKU barcode to the item.

The FNSKU is the same as the ASIN if its commingled, otherwise it will e a code beginning X. When you have created your shipment for Amazon, this is available in a report on the “work on shipment page”


Hi Conny,

when I did my listing, I put my EAN code, and I can see some other people using them (the same exact product) so my question would be, can I use them?

Yes, in every packaging it has EAN code.

maybe my logic is wrong, but let me give an example.

Seller A and seller B are selling the same product.

the product is sticky notes. it is from the same manufacturer in Egypt.

I assumed, both sellers have the same EAN and the same ASIN? ( please correct me if I am wrong).

and both of them wants to do FBA, and the labeling service is from amazon.
seller A wants to ship 200 pieces and seller B wants to ship 150 pieces,

my question would be, when the products arrive in amazon warehouse, how would amazon know that seller A products are 200 pieces and seller B is 150 pieces, again I assume before they put the label?

is this logic make sense?

Thanks so much


Correct they do

The stock is commingled. Amazon know that A sent 200 and B150. It doesn’t matter which exact ones were sent by A or B as they are identical. A database/spreadsheet just shows A=200 B=150

Customer makes a purchase on Amazon for the item from seller B. 1 item is sent to the customer from whichever warehouse is the closest to the customer. Seller B stock in the database/spreadsheet goes down to 149.

Imagine you and all of your co-workers brought a bottle of coke to work and put it in the fridge. All identical. It doesnt matter which one you take out for lunch, as long as its recorded somewhere that you have taken yours and now have 0 in the fridge


Hi Conny.

so based on your explanation, it will commingled and when a customer buy from my store, the stock on my FBA will be decreased, am I right?

thats why the customer has to decide from which store they want to buy because the 2 stores are selling the identical products.





Correct. The item is exactly the same, but the seller can charge a different price and sellers gain customer feedback and a customer may wish to purchase from a seller with a higher feedback number or %

Commingled inventory is common across Amazon, but for some categories Amazon do not use Commingled. In these cases the item you send to Amazon MUST have a new barcode applied, either by you or by Amazon (Amazon charge 15p per item for this). Categories such as Grocery, Beauty etc where there needs to be a tracability to who sent the item for security/health reasons. This barcode is provided when you make a shipment in Amazon

In these cases the product has the same EAN, but the sticker applied over the EAN relates to one seller only. In these cases your stock is separate, but the end customer still sees the same one listing with a choice of sellers that you mentioned above.


Hi Conny,

thanks so much for explaining,

Regarding the new barcode by amazon, how can I get it or apply for it? does it strictly only for groceries and beauty? is hazmat product included?

sorry for asking so many questions, your help is very much appreciated.

thank you again