FBA Listing BLOCKED! 'dangerous good (hazmat) review'


Amazon blocked my FBA product and now require me to submit documents to put it back for sale.
Now what is ‘an exemption sheet for products without harmful chemicals instead of an SDS’? Because when I tried to download the link it failed.
Also is it possible to create a removal order of a blocked product or have it disposed by Amazon?



The difference is
A SDS Safety data sheet (when filled in correctly) is telling Amazon that your products comply.
An exemption is telling them that your product already complies and does not need to have a SDS as the parameters do not apply.
more info here…
Safety Data sheets / exemptions


Thanks for that.

I believe the product in question is exempt, now is there a form that is downloadable for me to fill in and submit?
Would it be okay if I submit a statement that my product is exempt?



go to upload the SDS in help and they are on the right are downloadable forms for exemption… ps what you think are exempt is not always what amazon thinks is exempt :wink:

of if you go to add asin to a shipment you get a message saying it’s under hazmat and then a link to that page you need


No, Amazon are going to want more than
“Honest guv, it isn’t Hazmat” :smile:

Not sure about the disposal, without the relevant info how would Amazon know how to safely dispose of your product?

If the items are marked as hazmat then no, a removal order won’t be possible, I don’t think, due to the safety issues still unanswered.