FBA listings blocked without any information



The problem is that some of our FBA products were blocked on every country - without Germany. On DE they are ok. We didn’t get any e-mail or message in Performance Notifications so we don’t know what’s going on. And we’re in PAN European. There are beauty products without restrictions. Our FBM offers for them are still active.

Funny thing is that we now get e-mails that we don’t have offers active on every country required to PAN (because they were mysteriously blocked!) and in 14 days our offer won’t be on PAN.

We created case about the problem.
Case was closed two times without answer - just closed. When it was closed second time - our first message was also deleted there from case history.
We also talked on chat UK and person on the chat told us that she can’t help but she is forwarding case to someone else - nothing happened since then. It’s now the third day.

Anyone had the same problem? Any advice?

Thank you


Are you VAT registered in every European country, where your FBA inventory is being stored?

If not, this is most likely the cause behind the block.


Yes, we are registered in UK, DE, IT, ES, FR, PL, CZ.

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