FBA misplaced my units


Hi I sent my FBA inventory to Amazon about month ago using UPS.
with tracking number I can track that amazon has received it. after few weeks of sending It inquired about it and asked them why my inventory has not increased they replied as below
“unfortunately our fulfillment center associates have confirmed that they have not been able to locate missing units”

how can you expect that form Amazon. what can be done now ?


I am sorry to hear this. Since the shipment was delivered a month ago, wait for the option to request an investigation into the matter, so you can get reimbursed in case Amazon is unable to locate the missing stock.


thanks for replay,
how long have to wait for option to request investigation and where that option comes.
i have no hope from amazon to amazon to look for my inventory


Since you mentioned that you originally shipped the items into FBA a month ago, it should be available soon.


Hi KiKa, I really appreciate your help and replies.

Problem is amazon seller support is saying they can not find my shipment because of Weight desc i provided them proof of shipment , tracking number and email sayinh they have received it. see their reply below.

Amazon Reply
"I do understand you are not happy with the resolution you have been provided.

However please note that due to the weight discrepancy on the shipment we can not verify that all items on your shipment have been shipped.

We have investigated your shipment on this case and also on your previous case 5562346302 however we are unable to locate the units. .

Due to the weight discrepancy our Credit Operations Team have denied all reimbursement requests for your shipment as it can not be confirmed what stock was or was not shipped due.

It is extremely important that your weights be correct as these are used in the investigations for missing unit son a shipment.

I do apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause. "

What Shall do now ?


Unfortunately, it appears like this is your answer.

The response indicates that the weight on receipt did not match the information entered at the time of creating the shipment so Amazon will be unable to reimburse you.

Do you have any proof confirming the contents of the package?


Hi, i send tracking number, proof of purchase.
My digital weigh scale was broken so it showed incorrect weight.

But i mentioned to amazon few times that I sent 50 items and they should have received 50 too. I asked them how many items you received but they are not commenting on that and just provide same reply again and again.

Can they send back what ever they received ? if weight was wrong they should have said you sent 50 items in FBA shipment but we received X amount so we can update inventory by X amount or send me back what ever they received ?

this is going in circle. how can i get this sorted.



If the units received were already processed into your inventory, you could create a removal order, but Amazon wouldn’t simply send you back “whatever they received”, once the shipment was already delivered to their warehouse.


Morning Kika, they did not processed any units. they lost the inventory or can not track it.
what options do i have . its not my fault. I lost money. what shall i do now ?


any thing you suggest please to get it sorted.


Since Amazon denied your reimbursement request, your only option is taking them to the Small Claims Court, as they will not assist you otherwise.


These did this to me too. First of all said all 123 unites were received and then after 48 hours this changed to 103. They removed the option to reconcile as soon as it should have been available. When I asked about this they said this was because they had already looked for the missing items and concluded that they mustn’t have been received at all. I said, ‘but you scanned the whole 123 initially and then changed it, how can you scan items that weren’t received?’ The answer was that after the double checked they only found 103 to be ‘true’. Doublespeak at it’s best and I lost my stock and the right to claim for it.


yes, happened to us as well. Good job that they are not expensive… so looking to pull most of the stuff back in house.


They managed to ‘lose’ a full pallet of our goods but they did reimburse, required proof of postage + stamped BOL from Amazon warehouse + proof of purchase in the first place (?)!