FBA options/PAN Europe etc


I am doing well with FBA UK and want to try France or somewhere close to try the products…Whats the best option?

Can you open France with only afew listing etc


Few options -

PAN eu

EFN is more expensive on fees than PAN EU but no vat required . Not all asins can be sent EFN though

PAN EU requires VAT registration in the country you want to store stock

France now requires EPR too. If you don’t register independently, amazon will take care of it and bill you

You can open it with just 1 listing if you wish


Thanks will have to have a good look at it…have read and looked but not making sense to me atm…

Are the fees around the same as FBA uk ?

and are the fees to send FBA alot ?

and is it worth it?

I have looked on the Fr website and the products i have are not selling on there so a market open


If you are talking about Pan eu

The referral and fba fees are not too dissimilar - they are on the same fba rate card

The shipment fees are not extortionate either although obviously more than UK to UK

I can’t comment on EPR - amazon haven’t stated their fees :confused:
Private will depend on your packaging volume

VAT registration and filings can be done through your accountant or via amazon for an introductory offer of about €15 a month for 6 months , approx €33 a month thereafter


Thanks will have more of a read tonight see if its worth it with the costs…

But my thinking is i am doing around 250 items a day… if i can do that say in France as well with the same GP its a win win ( i hope)

Just the paper work,bank,vat to deal with

I guess the same as when joined amazon as took awhile to understand how things work as they do not make it easy…


Tbh, they are probably the 2 things that do put sellers off expanding

Is your UK vat in place now ?


only Just got my vat number and accountant all going good so no worries there


I ask as you need uk vat registration to apply for an EU vat registration