FBA pending order - how long?


I notified - payment verification for FBM orders normally takes 30 min.
How long it takes for FBA orders? I see 2 pending orders on FBA for more than 9 hours.


They have probably failed payment. In which case, it can be anything up to a few weeks.


Not always. Yesterday I have seen one pending order for all day and in the night payment going through and order shipped out.


Pending orders are generally just payments that haven’t cleared, normally a payment clears within an hour, sometimes it can take 5 days for security checks… or longer if there’s an actual problem with the payment method.

I think our record is around 18 months for a pending order but…
In the last 6-ish months Amazon seem to have changed something, not seen any go over 2 weeks for a long time.

As mentioned in that old thread, 28 days is the official limit but if the customer changes their card details the time limit resets.
iirc the highest time anyone has reported on here is either 3 or 4 years? Think someone on either the French or Italian forum reported a 7 year old pending order though.

There is another issue that can cause pending orders specific to FBA: where the customer places 2 items in their basket and requests that they’re shipped in 1 package. Where one item is from you and the other item is restocked in x number of days/weeks/months.


I noticed, that FBA orders are pending until dispatched.